Kim Kardashian Shares First Photo of 'Triplets' Chicago, Stormi and True All Together

Kim Kardashian

It's finally here!

Months after Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner welcomed daughters earlier this year, we've been blessed with the first photo of the adorable tots all together. Kim took to Instagram on Friday to share the very first snap of her daughter Chicago with Khloe's daughter True and Kylie's daughter Stormi. 

The cousins adorably have their attention focused on something off camera in the snap. Chicago, 8 months, sports a black T-shirt and holds a My Little Pony stuffed animal. True, 5 months, sits in the middle in a floral dress, and Stormi, 7 months, wears a black-and-white look with matching Nike sneakers. 

"? The Triplets ?," Kim captioned the pic. 

Kim revealed to ET in June that she was planning a full-blown photo shoot with the three cousins. 

"The three little girls are gonna grow up together. Chi and Stormi are just two weeks apart and then True is just a few months behind so that’s really exciting,” the 37-year-old reality star dished. 

“We’re so excited. Me and Kylie and Khloe are planning one of those kids’ photo shoots, just like a silly shot that we can have all the girls, ‘cause Stormi and Chicago have so many pictures together. So, we can’t wait for True to join the crew.”

On June 30, Khloe revealed they had completed the shoot, though fans have yet to see the photos. See more in the video below. 


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