Kristin Cavallari Reveals the Reason She Would Have One More Child

Cavallari opened up about dating, children and more in a new Q&A on her Instagram Stories Tuesday.

Could baby No. 4 be in the cards for Kristin Cavallari? The former reality TV star isn't ruling it out. In a new Q&A shared to her Instagram Stories Tuesday, Cavallari answered questions about dating, having another child and more.

While she's not looking to have any more children, Cavallari revealed that she'd be open to the idea -- for the right person.

"I'm not looking to have more," she wrote over a photo of her and her daughter, Saylor, 6, whose face is covered in the shot. "But it I met someone who didn't have kids, then I would have one more."

Cavallari, who in addition to Saylor, is already a mom to Camden, 10 and Jaxon, 8, hasn't found that someone yet amid her spilt from Jay Cutler, though she did reveal that she's ready to get back out there.


"I haven't been for the past couple months," Cavallari said when asked if she's dating. "I go through phases. I was a dating machine for a minute (which was very fun by the way) but then I decided not to put any energy into men. Butttttt now I'm ready to get back out there."


The 35-year-old got pretty candid about getting back out there too. When one fan asked what it was like for her to have sex with someone new after being with Cutler for so long, Cavallari said it was "like riding a bike."

"Honestly, sex is all about a connection for me," she added. "The first guy I was with was pretty special bc it was a strong connection, which I really needed at the time."


Cavallari's Q&A was filled with even more shocking revelations, including the Uncommon James founder sharing that she had a breast lift after breastfeeding her three children and an admission about her on-screen relationship with Justin Bobby on The Hills. To put it simply, Cavallari said their relationship wasn't real and rather a part of the MTV reality TV show's many storylines.


Cavallari's honest answers come after she opened up about the TV show and her relationship with her ex-husband on a recent episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast.

"I called off the engagement the same reason I got a divorce -- same reasons, I should say," Cavallari, who married Cutler in 2013, told host Alex Cooper. "I guess if there's any takeaway from that, it's that you can't ignore red flags, people don't change, and you gotta trust your gut."

After meeting Cutler at 23 years old, Cavallari said she was eager to take that "next natural step" in her life into marriage and having children.  Her kids, she says, are the reason she won't publicly acknowledge exactly what went wrong in their marriage. 

"Because I have three kids with him, I'm very careful about what I say," she admitted. "If you and I didn't have microphones in front of us, I'd f**king tell you, but that's their dad and my oldest googles us now and I just want to be very careful. My mom never said anything bad about my dad growing up and I really respected that, and I want to be that kind of mom."

"It was toxic," she concluded of their relationship. "Period, end of story. That's all I kinda need to say."

Opening up about her decision to end the marriage, Cavallari said she mulled it over for years before making it official. 

"Nothing major happened at the end," she said. "I remember always asking my mom, 'But how am I going to know?' and she would just be like, 'You'll just know.' And I did, I just kinda knew. It's the scariest thing, it's also the saddest thing. I mean, it's so many emotions but it can also be the best thing." 

"I think with any relationship, you just have to realize what are deal breakers for you. What's important to you and what's not?" she added. "I was really unhappy, I mean, and that was the bottom line. I was in an unhealthy relationship and so that, to me, is not worth it. Also, I didn't want my kids thinking that was normal and I wanted them to see me happy and see me eventually, not right now, but eventually see me with someone who really respects me and treats me the way I need to be treated."

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