Lana Condor Reveals the 'Romantic' Scene She's Hoping for in 'To All the Boys' Sequel (Exclusive)

The breakout star dishes on the anticipated follow-up to the Susan Johnson-directed Netflix hit.

Lana Condor is spilling details on the anticipated To All the Boys I've Loved Before sequel!

Netflix made news of a follow-up movie "officially official" in December and like fans, the 21-year-old breakout star is just as eager to dive back into the world of Lara Jean. Condor, who next stars in Syfy's graphic novel adaptation Deadly Class, recently sat down with ET, where she reflected on the past several weeks since the To All the Boys sequel was announced in an adorable video, which subsequently took over the Internet.

“I was so excited when I got it and I was able to preview what I was going to post and it was really cute!" Condor gushed to ET in the green room at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood following a Deadly Class after party. "I loved it. And Noah [Centineo], of course, did a good job -- always does!”

Details on the sequel, which will likely borrow from Jenny Han's second book P.S. I Still Love You (and possibly the third), are few and far between. All that's been confirmed by Netflix is that the follow-up is being written by Sofia Alvarez, who also penned the first movie, with Condor and Centineo returning as Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky. The character of John Ambrose McClaren, who was briefly introduced at the end of the first film, will also play a major role. (Janel Parrish revealed to ET that she would be back as Lara Jean's older sister, Margot, with a possible new love interest.)

"That's all I know," Condor confirmed. "I know I'm in it! I know Noah's in it. That's literally it. And I read the second book, so that's what I know and I feel like that's all I need to know until, eventually, things fall into place."

When asked if she had a specific scene she's hoping for in the second movie, Condor was ready and armed with an answer.

“I love when Lara Jean and John Ambrose go to the [nursing] home," she said. "I love the snow... that moment when John Ambrose and her are in the snow playing. When I read that, it was romantic to me. Every little girl thinks about a kiss in the snow with someone that they might like. For me, I would love [it] more than anything ‘cause it’s romantic and cute!"

In the second book, the pivotal moment comes on the heels of Lara Jean and Peter's break-up. An unexpected snowstorm strands Lara Jean and John Ambrose overnight at the nursing home, where Lara Jean volunteers and John Ambrose's grandmother, Stormy, resides. The teens sneak out onto the front lawn to play in the snow, and it's there John Ambrose confesses he would like to kiss her.

"Cinematically, can you imagine how pretty that would be? It would be gorgeous and I want the gorgeous!" she said with a laugh. "But yeah, there’s a lot [of scenes]. I’m really excited. I hope I get the script soon because I think it’s going to be even better than the first one.” 

While Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky are serious #couplegoals, Condor said she's "super excited" about being part of a love triangle. "I just did that for Deadly Class, but a different version of it so I’m excited to kind of see how those two compare. There’s nothing more fun than a love triangle," she excitedly said. "The drama? I live for the drama!”

Now that Condor is the face of Lara Jean for a whole generation, she was candid about the qualities she'd like the character to embody in the upcoming movie.

"I think she grazed the surface on finding her own personal confidence towards the end of the first movie and I would love nothing more than for her to be a little bit more stand-up," Condor mused. "When Gen is being an a**hole to Lara Jean, Lara Jean just kind of takes it. She’s in her own head, but she’s like" -- pauses for a moment -- "‘OK...’ She just takes it. I hope that in the second movie, and I’m going to strive for this, I hope Lara Jean doesn’t really take it or accept it when she’s treated badly. I want her to be like, ‘No, it’s not OK. You can’t talk to me like that,' or to find more of her voice and stand up for herself a little bit more, which the first movie kind of set her up for."

"Reading the book, there are some things that happen to her and I hope that she [won't] be walked over or pushed over. It’s not like she’s a victim at all. It just doesn’t faze her and she doesn’t think about it. But I do think that there’s a point where you can be like, ‘Hey, you can’t talk to me like that.’ I want her to find her voice, I want to see more of her and Peter, her and John and see where she goes.”

To All the Boys I've Loved Before is streaming now on Netflix. 


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