Logan Paul Says He's Ready to Face Floyd Mayweather After Losing Boxing Match to KSI

The YouTuber is already planning his next boxing match.

Logan Paul already has his eyes set on his next boxing match.

The 24-year-old YouTuber took to Twitter on Friday to seemingly say he's ready to face Floyd Mayweather, after losing his last match to Olajide "KSI" Olatunji. On his social media page, Paul posted a screenshot of an article which reads, "KSI and Logan Paul have both been named as potential opponents for Floyd Mayweather's return fight in 2020."

The internet sensation wrote, "Bring it @FloydMayweather, alongside the pic. Mayweather has yet to reply to the comment, however, fans have already started to share their opinions.

On Nov. 9, Paul and KSI went head-to-head for a second time at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, with KSI coming out victorious. ET Live caught up with KSI after his win, where he addressed whether they would go for round three. 

"I feel like it’s over because he had two chances to beat me," he said. "I was a champion. He had a chance to beat me last year -- he didn’t. He had a chance to beat me the year -- still didn’t, so it’s done right now. I feel like it’s finished."

Earlier this week, Paul announced that he will formally appeal the loss, which, he argues, was the result of the referee's decision to dock him two points for hitting behind KSI's head in the fourth round.

"I wanted you guys to hear this from me first," the 24-year-old stated. "My team and I have decided to file an official appeal for the fight because we just don't believe that the outcome was right… That resonates with me to my core."

Prior to the match, Paul told ET about how boxing turned his life around. "The narrative for the first fight was KSI saved my career, and I don't know if that's true 100 percent, but there's some merit in that. He definitely helped me come out of the trench I was in, post-Tokyo," Paul noted, referring to the controversy sparked by him posting a video from Japan's "suicide forest." 

"In exchange, yeah, KSI has now become a global name. ... I definitely made him relevant outside of the U.K., because before that, I don't think if you lived outside of the U.K., you knew who he was," he said.

For more on Paul vs. KSI, watch below.