'Love Island' Winners Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber on Going From Island Life to Real Life (Exclusive)

Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber on 'Love Island'
Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

According to the pair, the transition has 'definitely been an adjustment.'

After a debut season filled with always-changing relationships, calculated plans and a lot of bikinis and quiet talking, Love Island crowned Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber the big winners back in August.

Now, having been dating for two months off the island and in real life, the pair are opening up about how their relationship has grown, and what it was like to win big on the reality dating series.

"It's been pretty crazy. The whole thing has been very surreal," Weber told ET at a Love Island cast reunion party in Los Angeles on Thursday, where she was joined by Mirabelli. "Just like absolutely insane."

"Yeah it's been cool," Mirabelli chimed in. "We have a really nice fan base that we gained from the show and a really nice following that has been super supportive of us, so it's really cool."

As for what their lives have been like after their idyllic time together in the Love Island villa, Weber admitted that "it's definitely been an adjustment, I'm not gonna lie."

Obviously, being back in the real world "you start to experience real world problems," and you have "all these outside factors that you didn't have when you were once in the villa."

While that was to be expected -- coming from an island paradise and back into society can certainly be a stark contrast -- what Weber didn't expect is how much Mirabelli likes to get his beauty rest.

"Zac loves naps," Weber said, when asked about new things she's learned since the end of the show. "I knew you napped in the villa, but not as much."

"Gotta get my nap," Mirabelli replied. 

Ultimately, the pair seem to be a good fit, and according to Weber, Love Island was able to make some real love connections for its contestants because of "the way they cast everybody."

"I think they cast such a great group of people," she shared. "It wasn't super drama oriented. I think everyone, you know, really had a good heart going into it."

This also mirrors her advice for any possible contestants who might be competing for love on future seasons of the reality series.

"The best advice I can give is just make sure that you are 100 percent authentically yourself," she explained. "Don't go in there trying to be somebody you're not. Make sure you really bring the energy."

For more on this past season of Love Island, check out the video below.