Madonna Offers to Sublet Her 'Incredible' New York Apartment to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

'Harry, don’t run off to Canada -- it’s so boring there,' she says in an Instagram video taken while getting her makeup done.

Buckingham Palace has nothing on Central Park West!

Soaking up those spectacular park views from a stunning balcony while hanging with baby Archie in the morning is the selling point from Madonna, who has offered to sublet her New York City apartment to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“Harry, don’t run off to Canada -- it’s so boring there,” she says in an Instagram video taken while getting her makeup done on Tuesday.

Pausing for a moment, she then suggests the royals ditch Canada and set up residence in the U.S.

“I’ll let them sublet my apartment in Central Park West,” she says. “It’s two-bedroom, it’s got the best view of Manhattan, incredible balcony. It’s going to be a winner. That’s going to be the deal-breaker.”

“No, Buckingham Palace has got nothing on CPW,” adds the singer, who looks great in the video despite recent health issues.

Someone then comments “the view is better, that’s for sure,” to which the music icon responds, “Yeah, for sure. A bunch of guys in wooly hats!”

Alongside the video, Madonna officially put the offer out there to the royal couple.

“Do Megan and Prince Harry want to sublet my apartment on Central Park West?? ..................?❌ #madamextheatre #thelondonpalladium,” she wrote.

The enticing offer comes two weeks after Harry touched down in Canada to commence his new life with Meghan and Archie following the family’s royal exit.

"One of the things I was told by a friend of Harry's is how much he has been missing them,” royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET ahead of Harry’s arrival in Victoria, British Columbia. “Given the enormity of everything that's happened, Prince Harry has really been left here to pick up the pieces on his own. He's absolutely desperate to get back to his new home."

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