Mandy Moore Reveals Her New Music Is ‘Imminent’ (Exclusive)

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Mandy Moore's new music will be out very soon!

While fans await the return of her NBC series This Is Us, which is coming back for its fourth season on Sept. 24, the singer and actress indicated she will have a new song out before the highly-anticipated premiere.

“New music is coming out sooner rather than later,” Moore told ET’s Keltie Knight at Saturday’s "Pancakes with the Pearsons" brunch event in honor of This Is Us’ nine Emmy nominations. “Not this week, but soon.”

Like, how soon?

“Like, imminently!” said the singer, who hasn't released a studio album in 10 years.

As for what to expect from the new sounds, Moore shared that the upcoming music is deeply personal.

“[It’s] a little mix of everything,” she dished. “A lot of self-realization -- coming to terms with where I am in life these days.”

Where she is is a long way from the 15-year-old pop princess who burst onto the scene with her debut single, “Candy,” two decades ago. The catchy track reached the top 10 in countries including Scotland, New Zealand, the U.K. and Australia.

Reflecting on the song's 20th anniversary, which is coming up on Aug. 17, Moore recalled creating the track (from her 1999 solo debut record, So Real) during a time when she felt surprisingly unphased by all that was going on in her rise to pop stardom.

“[I was] excited about what each new day would bring,” she said. “Lots of glitter. Lots of tube tops. That really sticky lip gloss that your hair would immediately stick into and then drag all over your face. Just touring around the country.”

“I had a ca-single,” she added. “Remember? No one remembers cassette tapes. So, they made a ca-single for ‘Candy’ and they would hand them out when I would perform -- that is burned in my brain. That is synonymous with that time for me.”

These days, Moore has found success as an actress, and just earned her first Emmy nomination, for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series, for her role as Rebecca Pearson in This Is Us.

“It still hasn't sunk in,” she said of the honor. “It's hard to wrap my head around. I am super grateful. I cannot believe I am in the company of such incredible women, but I'm mostly excited that the show itself is recognized and we all get to be together. That's the biggest gift.”

While Moore couldn’t go into detail about upcoming episodes, she described season four of the tearjerker series as “exciting” and unexpected.

“I think [in] the first episode, like, our universe fundamentally expands in a way people might not be expecting, so I think that's pretty cool.”

In the meantime, fans can stay tuned for her new music, which she previously told ET would be “organic”. She also said it would be a family affair!

"I have my husband [Taylor Goldsmith], my brother-in-law and a couple of my best friends, who are all incredible musicians, playing on the record," she told ET in June. "It's got a very live, organic live, on the floor, we're recording to tape. If I had my [way], I'd be alive in 1974, so I want all music to kind of sound like it lives in that era."

Moore shared a clip from the studio on her Instagram the following month.

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