Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy Were at 'Different Places' in Life Before Divorce, Source Says

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Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy were simply at different places in their lives, a source tells ET.

Earlier in the month, ET learned that the designer requested an emergency order to petition for divorce from her husband after she first tried to file in April. Her request was denied last week. While this high-profile breakup is unraveling, many are speculating about the reason behind their separation.

The source tells ET that the breakup didn't happen because the 50-year-old French banker wished Olsen was a stay-at-home wife.  

"Olivier was very attracted to Mary-Kate’s ambition and success," the source says. "He very much respects her work ethic and is beyond proud of everything she has ever accomplished. Her career is a big part of who she is, and he never would want to change who she is."

However, the source adds that Sarkozy is simply at a different point in his life now. “He has worked incredibly hard his whole career and is now at a point where he wants to slow down and enjoy his life,” the source shares.

The source notes that he likes to spend time vacationing with friends -- many of whom have wives who don’t work and can join anytime -- while Olsen can’t just pick up and go because of her work obligations. When they both had similar work schedules, their relationship worked; now it’s a bit mismatched.

As for whether the couple wanted kids, according to the source, when they first met, Olsen, who was 26 at the time, was young, and having kids was definitely not a priority. The source says that Sarkozy was finished having kids. Sarkozy and Olsen married in November 2015. He is a father to two children from a previous relationship.

The source does not know if Olsen changed her mind about wanting kids, but says that she has so many interests and things that fulfill her. Having kids wasn’t a priority, and it’s not something Olsen openly talked about wanting, the source adds.

However, the source says that Olsen is known for changing her mind, like with acting. She thought Olsen would never do that again, the source says, but in recent years, she’s toyed more with the idea.

Meanwhile, last Thursday, New York courts spokesman Lucian Chalfen confirmed to ET that Olsen's request to submit an emergency divorce filing was denied by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz.

The judge ruled the divorce proceedings would not move forward after deciding "it was not an essential matter." Chalfen told ET that only "essential and emergency" filings are being accepted during the shutdown. Olsen claimed in her request for an emergency order that Sarkozy is trying to force her out of their New York City apartment. 

Olsen reportedly alleged that her attorneys got an email from Sarkozy's lawyers last week, giving her a May 18 deadline to move out of the place. She also claimed that Sarkozy terminated their lease without her knowledge, and that she's asked him to give her until May 30.

The designer is requesting their prenuptial agreement be enforced. See more on their breakup in the video below.


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