Matt Bomer and Andrew Rannells Share a Steamy Kiss on ‘Watch What Happens Live'

Matt Bomer and Andrew Rannells

Talk about a kiss cam!

The Boys in the Band actors Matt Bomer and Andrew Rannells got up close and personal on Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

The Broadway co-stars played a funny game that forced them to come face-to-face and inch closer to one another with every question asked. After confirming that they both found the other one to be “pretty,” the two started asking if the other had shaved that day.

“When was the last time you brushed your teeth?” Rannells, 39, asked. “Ummm, more recently than you,” Bomer, 40, quipped backed as they were inches away from each other.

Host Cohen insisted that the pair remain in the uncomfortably close positions, which prompted Rannells to declare, “The thing is, you can’t be too close to Matt Bomer.”

“Or Andrew Rannells!” Bomer agreed.

Finally when the buzzer went off, the two locked lips for a quick-yet-steamy smooch.

Later in the episode, Rannells told a story about hooking up with someone at the theater while he was playing Link Larkin in Hairspray.

“I had sex in a dressing room in Hairspray at intermission with a cast mate,” he revealed. “We were like, ‘Could we do it? Is there enough time?’ And we did it.”

Cohen pointed out that Broadway intermissions only last 15 minutes, to which Rannells replied, “Turns out, you only need, like, five.”

When one caller asked Rannells if he felt that his Intern co-star, Anne Hathaway, gets a bad rap, he shared a touching story about the A-lister.

“Anne is great! Anne is super talented and also super hardworking and very generous,” he said in praise of the Oscar winner. “When we did The Intern, I said to her in passing that I was in rehearsals for Hedwig on Broadway and she clocked the date, remembered when I was going in and my opening night she sent me the largest flower arrangement.”

Prior to their TV kiss, Rannells and Bomer joined their Boys in the Band co-stars to present at last Sunday's Tony Awards (they won’t be eligible for a nomination until next year). Here's more from the awards show:


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