Matthew Perry's Pickleball Coach Details Their Final Moments and Close Friendship (Exclusive)

ET spoke with Matthew Perry's close friend and pickleball coach Matt Manasse about their friendship on and off the court.

Matthew Perry was most known for his role as Chandler Bing on NBC's iconic sitcom, Friends, but to some, his friendship extended far past the silver screen.

On Saturday, Perry died at the age of 54 at his home in Los Angeles, California. Following the news, celebrities, fans and Perry's family have spoken out about his "tragic" death and his impact on those who knew him.

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke with Matt Manasse, Perry's close friend and pickleball coach about their final moments, how Perry was becoming "obsessed" with the game and how they spent time together off the court.

Speaking via Zoom, Manasse called Perry "genuine and caring" and revealed that no matter when he spoke with the late actor, he "was all he was always gonna make you laugh and make you leave in good spirits."

Manasse explained that Perry used pickleball as an outlet in his recovery and encouraged others who were overcoming addiction to try the sport. 

"He would bring other people to the court sometimes that were going through similar things and try to use pickleball to help them as well," Manasse shared. "He really had his heart always open and would always try to make everyone laugh, too."

"I feel lucky to know him," Manasse noted.

Before his death on Saturday, Perry played pickleball -- something Manasse said the actor was doing around 4 or 5 times per week.

"Pickleball I think was an outlet for him," Manasse explained. "It was something that he became obsessed with, and that was that was his new healthy addiction, and he loved it."

Perry has long been open about his history of substance abuse. In 2022, he came out with a memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir, which detailed his rise to fame, his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction and his health battles.

Manasse shared that in the weeks before his death, Perry was in "good spirits" and that "he seemed like he was in a really good place and a happy place."

Outside of the pickleball court, Perry and Manasse were good friends, sharing dinners together and watching the Super Bowl at Perry's house. 

"I'm just happy that, you know, if anything, he had a lot of fun and pleasure being on a pickleball court around people that he enjoyed, because he gave us so much joy," Manasse continued, noting that Perry's star quality was something "most people don't have."

Manasse got emotional when asked if there was one more message he wished he could send to Perry, saying, "I miss him and I'd like to talk to him one more time" and "Thanks for being a very good friend."

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