'Mayans M.C.': 6 Nagging Questions Ahead of the Season Two Finale

'Mayans M.C.'
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Here's what we're hoping to see in the last episode of the season.

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On Tuesday, the season two finale of Mayans M.C. airs and fans will hopefully get some answers to a number of big questions -- some posed recently and some brewing since the series began. Warning: spoilers ahead.

In the penultimate episode, the Mayans were reeling after getting in a firefight with Vatos Malditos, the M.C. from Mexico, after hammering out a gun deal together with the Sons of Anarchy. The battle ended with some injuries for the club, including Riz (Antonio Jaramillo).

However, with their gun deal hanging in the balance, the club voted to not retaliate. It was at this point that Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo) did something truly shocking. He tightened Riz's breathing tube in the hospital, killing him and making war between the Mayans and Vatos Malditos inevitable.

And we can't forget the revelations that came from the Reyes family's meeting, where Felipe (Edward James Olmos) explained that he'd had an affair with Dita Galindo (Ada Maris) when he worked for the cartel. Viewers soon learned that it was she who hired a hitman to kill Felipe's wife when Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and EZ (JD Pardo) were teens.

With season two's (likely explosive) finale on its way, here are six pressing questions that we're hoping get answered.

Will Coco ever be able to see again?

Riz wasn't the only Mayan injured in the gunfight. Coco (Richard Cabral) realized he couldn't see after the shooting stopped. In the latest episode, Coco was released from the hospital with a precarious diagnosis: Either his vision will remain 60 percent impaired or he'll get his eyesight back. The injury means he isn't able to ride, which deeply upset him.

With violence destined to erupt in the season's last episode, it's an easy guess that Coco will want to get involved, injured or not.

What will EZ and Angel do, now that they know Dita had their mother killed?

Through the Reyeses' meeting and EZ's subsequent flashback, fans now know that Dita learned about Felipe and Marisol, his late wife, when she saw them together at a carnival -- and is responsible for the tragedy that previously befell the family.

However, through both seasons one and two, the Reyeses' future has become more and more tied to the Galindo cartel. So, if EZ and Angel were to attempt to exact revenge on Dita, it would likely be the end of their family. But, there's absolutely no way EZ and Angel will do nothing.

"That's what season two has been all about," Cardenas previously told ET. "It's been all about retribution. People having to pay for their actions. There's consequences for their actions."

"I think you might see, with the alliance with Galindo and the cartel and the M.C., towards the end of the season, you might start to see that fall apart," he suggested. "Maybe you see people's real intentions of even forming that super group."

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Will Felipe get deported by Potter?

In recent episodes, U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) has been suspicious of EZ and Angel. Knowing they're keeping something from him, he demanded they tell him what Miguel (Danny Pino) is really up to concerning the Mexican rebels, otherwise he's threatened to deport their father.

When Emily (Sarah Bolger) believed that the Reyes brothers were going to attack Miguel, convinced he was behind their mother's death, she offered the blackmailing information gathered on Potter to ensure her husband's safety -- but EZ didn't accept it. Since season one, Potter has pushed the Reyes brothers around, the question is: When will they push back?

"Season two is dealing with all these roles that we're all in, E.Z., Emily, Miguel, you see them when they're all questioning whether or not they should be there," Bolger hinted to ET in September. "Season two is really the foundation of 'Maybe this is the place I'm meant to be.'"

Is Miguel Felipe's son?

As season two winds down, fans know that the Reyes patriarch had an affair with Dita back in the day. It stands to reason that Miguel could have been the result of this clandestine relationship, which came to an end when Felipe's wife became pregnant and they fled to America.

If the head of the Galindo cartel is indeed part of the Reyes family, it would undoubtedly upend things and cause chaos for the Mayans and the cartel's joint enterprise, and well beyond.

"You bring your enemies closer. You bring the people who might be a problem, you bring them close," Pino previously told ET. "Of course, that doesn't often work out the way you expect [it] to work out."

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 What is Taza hiding from the Mayans?

Taza has previously shared that he was part of Vatos Malditos before coming stateside and starting a new life with the Mayans. But choosing to kill Riz in order to ensure his M.C. is properly motivated to fight back against the Mexican club came out of nowhere and begs a lot of questions.

Is there more to this story that helps make sense of that jarring death? Is it possible Taza is indebted to his former club and this killing is an attempt to make amends? We'll just have to wait and see.

What happened to Adelita and her unborn child?

Ever since she refused to be saved by Angel and EZ, Adelita (Carla Baratta), the pregnant Mexican revolutionary, has disappeared from the show. From previous episodes, we know Potter promised to interrogate her about her operation, even threatening to use her unborn child against her.

Miguel wasn't merely gathering information on Potter to help himself, he told Emily that he planned to use it to her help Adelita as well. But how can he do that when her whereabouts have become a mystery?

ET also previously spoke with Baratta, who offered this telling hint for the finale: "For Adelita, this is gonna end with…fire and, oh my god, I don't know… She's gonna want to chop some heads."

The season two finale of Mayans M.C. airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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