Meghan King Edmonds Gets Real About Divorce, Co-Parenting and Returning to 'RHOC' (Exclusive)

The former 'Housewives' star opens up to ET about her split from Jim Edmonds and her new venture, the podcast 'Intimate Knowledge.'

Meghan King Edmonds is feeling good about her life right now.

"I feel happy about where my life is, and the future and what the future holds," Edmonds tells ET. "So, I'm just really looking at that silver lining and trying to be healthy about it and focus on my kids."

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star's life is in a place of transition, and has been since last summer when reports surfaced that her husband of five years, former MLB player Jim Edmonds, was allegedly cheating on her; he has denied any wrongdoing, but the rumors were seemingly enough to end the pair's partnership.

"I think it could be better," Edmonds says of her current relationship with the father of her children. "It makes me sad that after five years of a loving marriage, with our ups and downs, that we could be in a place that makes me sad, But, I’m hopeful for… I don’t know, better communication in the future? Yeah, we'll just -- we'll just keep it at that."

The former couple is currently co-parenting their three children, 3-year-old daughter Aspen and 1-year-old twin sons Hart and Hayes. That's become more challenging as of late, as Edmonds is splitting her time between St. Louis and Los Angeles, where Hart is in treatment for brain trauma.

"It's an intensive therapy, so the kids have been with me every day for the [past] three weeks, so co-parenting could improve," she admits. "Jim was just around for a few days, and they were very irritable children, but they also had to see their mom and dad interact. It's not a place that makes me feel good. So, I saged my whole house afterward."

Edmonds says her sons are too young to fully understand the big changes happening in their family, but Aspen has somehow figured it all out.

"She's pretty aware," Edmonds shares. "It's funny, she understands there's Mommy's house and Daddy's house, and she'll talk about it."

"A babysitter asked me if I was married, and Aspen, who just turned three in November, said, 'No, Mommy's not married.' So, stuff like that, it's so interesting … Somebody got married in a Disney movie, I think that's how she knows what it is and she understood that Mommy wasn't married. So, they're just little balls of energy. They absorb whatever's around them."

The 35-year-old is now in the process of divorcing her estranged husband, a process she's opening up about on her new podcast, Intimate Knowledge, alongside co-hosts Brooke Burke and Lila Darville, a sex and intimacy coach.

"We wanted to bring to life this dialogue about intimacy, which covers so many different things," Burke says of the show. "It's a conversation that needs to happen amongst women, and it's not a show just for women. It's a show for everybody about unpacking everything from romance to love, sex, connection, heartache, heartbreak…"

"Basically, to own who we are, who we are as women," Edmonds jumps in, "and to build ourselves up and create more confidence within ourselves and our listeners."

ET spoke with all three co-hosts at the iHeartRadio offices in Los Angeles, just before their most revealing episode yet debuted. The podcast is themed around sex and intimacy and, in episode three, Edmonds got candid about experimenting in her marriage, dropping some bombshell allegations against her estranged husband.

"Well, I found out yesterday that my ex is allegedly having an affair -- or, seeing somebody," Edmonds claimed on the show. "Let's back up, years ago when [Jim] and I got married ... we were newlyweds and trying to have fun, and he wanted to have a threesome."

Edmonds claimed she and her soon-to-be ex welcomed a woman she was friendly with into their marital bed for a one-time encounter. Edmonds added that every time the couple saw the woman after the fact, she observed what she described as some sort of chemistry between her husband and the woman. Cut to today, and Edmonds alleges that her estranged husband is vacationing in Mexico with the woman they had the threesome with, a move Edmonds dubbed a "betrayal." When asked by Burke if she thought that maybe they had been carrying on an affair for the last five years, Edmonds answered, "I don't know. I think they've probably had sex more than the one time."

After the episode premiered, a representative for Jim Edmonds told ET, "Jim has no desire to roll in the mud with anyone, nor does he have any interest in playing this out in the media. Meghan decided to publicly broadcast what was essentially a 30-minute therapy session about her marriage and she continues to tell stories to anyone who will listen and use this as an opportunity to get attention for herself. Publicly discussing private matters is not in the best interest of his children and he is not going to engage on that level."

Listeners should likely brace for more surprising stories from Edmonds and her new gal-pals -- the trio of hosts didn’t know each other before being paired for the podcast, and they plan to dive even deeper into traditionally taboo topics and offer up never-before-shared personal stories. That is likely to include dating tales; both Burke -- who split from husband David Charvet in 2018 -- and Edmonds are single, though Burke is currently seeing real estate agent Scott Rigsby, a relatively new relationship that Burke admits is "pretty serious."

"He's amazing and loving and kind and sexy and sweet and fun," Burke gushes. "I'm really, really happy right now, and we're enjoying each other's company, and it’s growing and it feels right."

"Just clone him for me!" Edmonds interjects, before clarifying that she's not really ready to get back out on the dating scene. She does, however, say that "if an opportunity were to, like, smack me in the face, I’m not going to just say no right away."

Another opportunity Edmonds would consider, should it come along, is a return to Real Housewives. The mom of three starred on RHOC for three seasons before relocating from Orange County to Missouri. But, now that she's back in California, she's down to reclaim her orange.

"I loved it, I had a great experience," she gushes. "That would be great, I truly would love it. I had a great experience on the Housewives. It’s not something I'm dying to do, but I definitely wouldn’t say no."

It turns out Burke would also consider joining the show, though she'd likely wind up in Beverly Hills. The fitness mogul confesses, though, that she’s already been approached multiple times about the possibility.

"The conversation has come up quite a lot, and I have so many friends that have done the show and have been thrilled and it’s worked out so incredibly for them," she notes. "I never say never. You know, the dynamic of my family has changed so much. There were plenty of times where I wouldn’t have exposed my four children and I don’t know that my ex even would’ve been open to that, but now that I get to make all my own decisions, like a bona fide grown-up, you know? You never know."

For now, the women are focused on Intimate Knowledge and learning from each other.

"We're all each other’s therapists," Edmonds, a self-described "prude," jokes. "But really, Lila's totally my therapist. Brooke's totally my therapist, so I just listen. I'm there to learn and absorb, so this is great for me. It's therapy."

New episodes of Intimate Knowledge premiere every week, wherever you listen to podcasts. For more on the ladies, including what to expect from the show and some deeper thoughts on navigating divorce, watch the full interview in the player above.