Melanie Griffith Says Alec Baldwin Turned Down Her Romantic Advances While Filming 'Working Girl'

Alec Baldwin, Melanie Griffith
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Melanie Griffith is spilling all the details on an on-set infatuation with Alec Baldwin!

This year, the ‘80s classic, Working Girl, turns 30 years old and, to celebrate, The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the 61-year-old actress about the making of the landmark film. That’s when she decided to divulge that she was smitten with Baldwin back in the day. However, she did admit that, despite her attempts, he chose to keep things professional between them.

“Alec Baldwin is handsome and charming, and I just had such a crush on him,” she explains. “But he wouldn't go there with me. I was like, ‘Oh come on, have a romance with me!’ But no, Alec said, ‘I can't do this with people I work with.’ He's a sweetheart.”

She also discussed a particular scene in the film that she shared with Kevin Spacey which, she noted, has found some relevance with the disgraced Oscar winner’s comeuppance in Hollywood after several sexual assault allegations arose in 2017. 

In the film, Spacey's character is aggressively pursuing Griffith's character, Tess, an ambitious secretary in New York City's finance world looking to get ahead. He dangles a possible job for her in an effort to convince her to strike up a romance with him. When she discovers it’s a ruse, she sprays champagne in his face during a car ride and promptly gets out.

“It's a strange coincidence that Kevin's now ostracized because of his actions, his sexual proclivity or whatever,” she says. “In Working Girl, I jump out of the car because of his [character's] sexual advances. There are millions of women who had that experience, and that's why so many women love that movie and to this day tell me how we changed their lives.”

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