Dave Matthews Hitches a Ride with Fan to Concert


Dave Matthews was in quite a predicament when he was stranded on the road en route to one of his shows—until a fan pulled over and gave him a lift.

The 46-year-old singer was riding his bicycle to a show in Hershey, Penn. on his current tour with the Dave Matthews Band when he suffered a flat tire miles away from the night's venue, Hersheypark Stadium.

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Without a cell phone on him, Matthews was facing a dilemma until a Good Samaritan— and one of his fans in transit to his concert—pulled over and offered help.

The woman, Emily Kraus, who was taken aback to see the singer-songwriter on the side of the road, then gave him a ride to the venue.

"We didn't know how to make conversation with him, in fact," Kraus recounted of the car ride in an interview with CBS 21 News. "So, we were talking about his tour and stuff and where he had come from. ... He's just a very humbled guy."

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Matthews then repaid Kraus and her boyfriend for their generosity by anointing them with front-row tickets to the concert, signing their tickets, and taking the couple out to dinner.

He also gave them a shout-out in between songs at the concert.

"All the planets aligned last night - something greater then I'll ever be able to comprehend," Kraus posted on Facebook. "I've been listening to him since '95 - I was only 9 years [old] the first time I heard 'Lover Lay Down.' First time I've ever seen it in concert was last night - wow wow wow!!!"