Amy Winehouse's Father to Publish Memoir

Getty Images

Mitch Winehouse, Amy Winehouse's father, is honoring the memory of his late daughter in one of the many ways only a father of a celebrity could: by publishing a memoir.

Mitch's tribute to Amy, entitled Amy: My Daughter, has been acquired by It Books and is set to be published worldwide in summer 2012. From her early years to the rise of stardom and her battle with addiction, the touching book chronicles the late star's life, shedding light on Amy's public persona and private life from her father's loving perspective.

"I feel that I need to write this book to tell the true story of Amy and to help with my personal recovery," Mitch said. "I also want to raise as much money as possible for Amy's foundation, so all proceeds from the book will go directly to help children who are disadvantaged through illness and substance addiction. I believe that, through Amy's music, her foundation, and this book, her name will live forever."

All proceeds from Amy: My Daughter will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Mitch's charity founded to help kids and young adults in need.