Eva Longoria Shakes Off Jitters for DNC Speech


Eva Longoria has accepted an invitation to speak at the Democratic National Convention tomorrow night in Charlotte, North Carolina, and she admitted to battling nerves while prepping for the event.

"[Obama's re-election campaign] asked me to speak on Thursday, and I said, 'Absolutely,'" Longoria said. "I'm really excited and energized and so honored to be doing it, but I'm very nervous. It's an important audience."

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The actress, who is a current co-chair on the re-election campaign, has been a campaign surrogate for the Democratic party since the Clinton administration.

"Every year I just get deeper and deeper -- my role gets bigger and bigger," said Longoria. "It's a lot of work. It's a little polarizing when you have a fan base that can be split, but it's important. This work is more important to me."

Longoria has a tough act to follow after Michelle Obama's emotional speech on Tuesday, which the actress raved about.

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"That really came from a really deep place in her heart," said Longoria. "I love the stories, because she didn't just say, 'My husband's a good guy. Take my word for it.' She gave every single example."

Today's Savannah Guthrie was impressed by both Mrs. Obama and Ann Romney, saying, "Both of these first ladies did what they were asked to do and were very affective advocates on behalf of their husbands."

President Obama's maternal half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng agreed, saying, "Both women are lovely and interesting and smart, but I think that Michelle's speech filled me with so much pride because it was both intimate and substantive."

According to Michelle's brother, Craig Robinson, her way with words is nothing new, revealing, "Most people don't know she has been writing her own material for a long time. So long that I remember her short stories as a 10-year-old ... And these weren't kid books - these were interesting characters with drama and comedy."

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