Who Should Play Kate Middleton in a Biopic?

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With the Duchess of Cambridge more popular than ever due to royal baby fever, who in Hollywood would be worthy enough to play the much-adored Kate Middleton in a biopic?

According to this month's iHeartRadio survey, Anne Hathaway is the surprising top pick, getting 25 percent of the vote. Kate Beckinsale follows in a close second with 24 percent, and Natalie Portman rounds out the top three with 20 percent. 

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....Pretty surprising that Hathaway came out on top, given her brutal reception after this year's awards season, no?

Another big name thrown into the mix is Jennifer Lawrence, who came in as the people's fourth choice, with 17 percent of the vote.

Though her distant fourth place standing is perhaps a little easier to understand -- while it's no secret that everyone loves them some J. Law, it's safe to say her signature spunk would be out of place for the notoriously reserved Middleton.

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But what do you think? Who would be your top choice to play Kate?