5 Funniest Red Nose Day Sketches with Hollywood's Biggest Stars


Everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Julia Roberts offered up their star power and comedy skills for NBC's Red Nose Day on Thursday, May 21.

Proceeds from the day went to help young people living in poverty, and to get people excited to donate, celebrities posed in red noses and starred in a series of silly sketches.

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Here's a few of the funnier bits made for Red Nose Day:

1. Celebrity Phone Tree with Seth Meyers:
Who wasn't in this sketch? Playing off the old game of Telephone, celebrities call each other to ask if they'll participate in a charity (Red Hose Day?) and just like the childhood game, things get lost in translation.

2. What Julia Roberts Really Sounds Like:
Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant's secret is out! The Notting Hill stars reveal that their voices have been "dubbed" in every movie they've ever done. So, what do they really sound like?

3. Remaking Movies with Female Leads:
Orange Is the New Black stars and Leslie Mann asked the question: What if Reservoir Dogs and The 40-Year-Old Virgin starred women instead of men?

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4. Game of Thrones The Musical: Coldplay joins forces with the cast of the HBO series to give the beloved story a musical twist.

5. Billy on the Street with Martin Short:
Billy Eichner quickly learns that New York City doesn't know how to react to Martin Short.

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What was your favorite Red Nose Day sketch?

To participate in Red Nose Day like these stars, click over to their website.

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