Celebs React to Ireland's Historic Same-Sex Marriage Vote

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Ireland made history today as the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote.

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny declared his nation a "small country with a big message for equality."

Homosexuality was decriminalized in the nation 22 years ago, and the 62 percent majority vote makes it the 20th country in the world to declare gay marriage legal.

Proud Irishman Colin Farrell praised his country for its monumental vote. "Today Ireland has opened up her heart in a way that the whole world will feel," he told E!. "How we have changed our fortune in 24 hours, how we have lit the way, how we have guaranteed a brighter and more loving future for all who call this beautiful land home. Bravo citizens of Ireland."

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Many celebrities from around the world quickly took to social media after the ballots were counted, including Irish singer Hozier who described "the pure joy of it."

J.K. Rowling threw the mic down on amazing reactions, tweeting a meme response to an Irish fan who wrote, "I hope Dumbledore and all witches and wizards feel welcome here."

Check out more excited reactions from stars below:

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