Derek Hough Goes Shirtless, Reveals His Favorite 'DWTS' Moment With Bindi Irwin

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Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough stripped off his shirt and showed off his toned physique for a photoshoot with Ferrvor Magazine -- he also said some things about some stuff, but it was mostly his abs that did the talking.

Posing at the Harvard & Stone pub in Los Angeles, California, Hough showed off his well-build bod against the eclectic worn backdrop of the famous bar.

Ferrvor Magazine

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In some of the shots, it looks like Hough simply forgot that people normally wear shirts. Here he is in fancy dress slacks, polished shoes, a crisp blazer and nothing else.

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He looked just as comfy while relaxing on an indoor bench with his feet resting on giant metal milk canisters.

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PHOTO: Derek Hough Sets a New Standard for Abs

The 30-year-old dancer, who is currently partnered with front-runner Bindi Irwin on DWTS, revealed that his favorite moment of the season was when the duo pulled off the iconic lift from Dirty Dancing.

"I was a little nervous but I was so happy when we did it!" Hough said.

He also shared his views on what it is to be a gentleman, explaining, "I think to be a gentleman means to be present, to be there in the moment. I think if you’re there in the moment and you're listening to whomever you're with, that's a very gentleman-like quality."

Awesome. Here's another pic of him looking handsome.

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Hough also revealed that "fear is a strong muse" for him.

"Fear of complacency and things like that, push me to work harder and to improve," he explained.

He has no reason to fear losing DWTS this season! If he manages to pull off a few more epic routines with Irwin, his sixth mirror ball trophy is likely already in the bag. Check out the video below for a look at their recent performances on Monday night that blew the audience away.

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