Heather Dubrow Is Ready for Vicki Gunvalson to 'Take Accountability,' Says She Should 'Hibernate'

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Heather Dubrow has one piece of advice for her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Vicki Gunvalson: hibernate.

“I think there are times that people need to understand to hibernate,” Heather told ETonline on Tuesday. “I've been in that place before. I had a bad season a couple years ago. I had to take accountability for what happened with me, and what happened with the show and my relationships. And I hibernated, and got myself together.”

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Heather was, of course, referencing Vicki’s very rocky 10th season on the Bravo show and her recent admissions that she did fabricate some stories about her now ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, and his alleged cancer diagnosis. Brooks himself has owned up to faking paperwork for cancer treatments, but maintains that he is battling the disease.

Vicki recently made the interview rounds and somewhat apologized for her part in the controversy, but Heather says she still isn’t owning it.

“Vicki's sort of doing these blanket apologies about, 'I'm sorry I was duped, I'm sorry, I should've listened to you all.’ That sort of thing,” Heather said. “But she has admitted to lying, and then the story changes, and she hasn't apologized for the lies. 'Cause the lies involved all of us, and dragged us into a story that we didn't want to be involved in.”

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Heather’s husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, was also dragged into the drama, with Vicki making claims that he had helped get care for Brooks.

“I mean, I wasn't happy to be pulled into it, but it's over now,” the Botched star told ETonline, “We're onto new things, and I hope he's OK. I hope he doesn't have cancer, and if he doesn't, I hope he gets the help he needs, you know?”

“She hasn't apologized for lying,” Heather added, “and I think for the rest of the cast, it just leaves a really bad taste in our mouth.”

“Until you have someone who accepts what they've done, and apologizes for what they've done, it's hard to move forward,” Heather continued. “'Cause everyone's allowed to be forgiven, everyone's allowed to mess up -- even if it's something as base as lying about a disease, which is truly unconscionable in my book.”

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“I do believe she was duped,” Heather said. “And, at some point, she knew. I just wish she would come clean, so we could all go, 'OK, we get it. It happened. Let's move on.'”

Heather said it’s hard to move on, though, when Vicki’s story seems to keep changing.

“I mean, honestly … two weeks ago it was, you know, 'I lied,’” Heather said. “And then it was, 'I was duped.' And then it was, 'I don't know what happened.' And now it's, 'Here's my perfume!' So, where does one go with that? What are we all to think?”

Vicki announced the launch of her first fragrance, V by Vicki, on Monday.

“I think coming out with products and things when you're in this sort of position, it's just sort of odd timing to me,” Heather noted.

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As of right now, Heather said she’s not sure she would film with Vicki again -- but that could change.

“You know, I have a lot of emotions,” Heather shared. “I think I'm relieved, and sad, and angry -- you know, all kinds of emotions erupt … I think there's a long time between now and when we start shooting, so, I guess we'll just have to see what happens.”

ETonline caught up with Heather and Terry at The Abbey in West Hollywood for its 6th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting in honor of World AIDS Day. For more from our chat, check out the video below.