Michael B. Jordan Pokes Fun at Kobe Bryant's 'Steep Decline' in Hilarious New Apple TV Ad


When Kobe Bryant retires at the end of this season, he could legitimately have a career in comedy ahead of him.

The Los Angeles Lakers star teamed up with actor Michael B. Jordan in a new ad for Apple TV, and it's incredibly funny.

In the ad, Jordan is set to play Bryant in an upcoming bio-pic and has turned to the NBA legend for some advice on how to capture his essence. Joining Bryant in his trailer, the two watch game footage from Bryant's early days on the court.

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"See that? That's the guy you're playing in this movie," Bryant, 37, explains. "Cold-blooded assassin."

"Locked in a battle with father time," Jordan adds, as if he understands.

"Exactly- no! What?!" Bryant replies.

"Like a hero, on the verge of a steep decline," Jordan continues. "It's perfect!"

"There's no decline," Bryant argues. "It's all ascension."

Watching Bryant become more and more annoyed at Jordan's instance that he's old is wonderfully hilarious, and shows a self-deprecating side of the star athlete that we've never seen before.

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When Jordan explains that he's not just playing "young Kobe" but will be playing him over the course of his career, and then chooses a scene from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to demonstrate the kind of old-person makeup they'll be using, the look on Bryant's face says it all.

Bryant announced his pending retirement in November with a beautiful poem about his love and passion for the sport. Check out the video below for more on his thoughtful declaration.