Nick Jonas Is Planning an Anniversary Surprise for Wife Priyanka Chopra (Exclusive)

The pair will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on Dec. 1.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are nearing one year of wedded bliss. 

The couple tied the knot on Dec. 1, 2018, and as Nick revealed to ET on Thursday, he's working on something extra special to mark their first wedding anniversary.

"Well, I don't wanna say what we're doing to celebrate because it's a surprise for her, and she might be watching. And if she is, then I wouldn't want the surprise to be spoiled," Nick teases during a joint interview with John Varvatos. The pair's latest fragrance, JVxNJ Silver Edition, is available now. "We will be taking a few days away from the tour to have some time," Nick confirms. 

"It's been a crazy year. It's flown by, it's hard to believe it," he continues. "John was at our wedding, so he was there to be with us and it was a great couple days celebration. This year's been, for she and I both, probably the craziest of our lives, but kind of nice to have that centering grounding feeling with each other."

John said attending Nick and Priyanka's multi-day wedding in India felt "magical." "[It was] really one of the most magical experiences in my life," he gushes. "But it is really incomprehensible that it was a year ago. It just doesn't seem like it."

Nick, who married Priyanka just months after he proposed (they started dating just months before that), said that it didn't take long to adjust to married life. 

"I think we settled into our roles as husband and wife fairly quickly," he shares. "A lot of our friends always said that it seemed like we were supposed to be together, so it feels natural. There are natural adjustments when your life is becoming one together, but it's been a beautiful year." 

"Hopefully next year we have a bit more time to be in the same place, but being busy is not bad either," he admits. 

Nick and Priyanka don't have a rule of how long they'll go without seeing each other, but the Jonas Brother confessed to ET that communication is key in their successful relationship. 

"The good news is that we both really enjoy talking to each other, which I think is probably pretty important if you married somebody," he says. "There aren't as many rules for, like, how long we can go and things like that. I think we just-- we'd always just do the best we can and understand first and foremost we love what we do as well and support each other as well." 

"She's [in India] making a movie that's gonna be amazing," Nick raves. "It's a great thing to have a creative partner who totally understands your schedule as well and we're both very supportive in that sense." 

Nick has also added a new project to his schedule: he'll be a coach on the upcoming season of The Voice. "I was just honored to be there [when we started filming the blind auditions], and then I turned on the competitive spirit after I took that moment to embrace this new chapter in my life. I looked at all of them and I said, 'I'm gonna take you down,'" he reveals. "So, it's gonna be a fun season, there's some really talented people on the show."

"You don't know how competitive Nick is," John joked. 

The designer has come to know Nick very well over the past few years, with their new fragrance just one of their several collaborations. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Revlon

"Nick has always claimed he's the best-smelling man in show business.... so we started working together," John recalls. "We hit it off and became friends and along the way, sharing a lot of mutual things that we loved about life. We started talking about clothes of course, it kinda comes back to fashion, and that's my world. And Nick and I collaborated on a capsule collection, and while we were doing that, Nick was in my studio a lot and always spritzing himself with different fragrances." 

"That's when I knew that his goal in life, and he had achieved it, was [to be] the best-smelling man in show business," he cracks. 

John and Nick are ready for their fragrance to fly off the shelves this holiday season. "Just the presentation, when you open it up, it's kind of a wow. And when you spray it, it's a double wow," John says. "I think the two really make it a great gift."

"[This fragrance] lands in an interesting time in both our lives, where it's kind of a combination of all the things we've had going on, that energy we feel in our lives creatively," NIck shares. "As friends, as our relationship has grown, we put that in this bottle and gave it that sort of energy, that electric feeling, so it's really versatile and it's become my day and night fragrance."

"I think people really like the way it smells and makes you feel," he adds. 

JVxNJ Silver Edition is available now. See more on Nick in the video below.