Oprah Winfrey Announces She's Reinventing Her Beloved Book Club With Apple

Oprah Winfrey
Michael Short/Getty Images

The businesswoman also teased some new documentaries in the works.

Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club is returning!

The media mogul was featured at Apple’s massive event Monday morning, where they rolled out their plans for their streaming platform, Apple TV+, and the former television host teased that their partnership will include highlighting some good reads.

“And now for what I love the most, for me, there is nothing more thrilling than being transported by a brilliant book,” she told those in attendance and watching around the world. “The only thing more gratifying than an extraordinary read is being able to share that experience with others and we are going to do just that by building the biggest, most vibrant, most stimulating book club on the planet." 

The 65-year-old icon went on to explain how she will work with Apple to bring her passion for reading to fans everywhere.

“It is a club, imagine where Apple stores stream a conversation with the author and me live across all devices, across all borders, uniting people to stories that remind us no matter who you are or where you are from, every man, woman and child looks up in awe at the same sky,” she said. “I want to literally convene a meeting of the minds, connecting us through books.”

Winfrey started her book club back in the '90s on her daytime talk show and it quickly became a cherished segment among fans while also providing huge exposure to books and authors.

While on hand at Monday's event, she also discussed her passion for self-care, open dialogue and battling injustice, and how they informed the creation of two new documentaries with Apple.

“My intention is to illuminate consciousness and to build greater awareness through compelling conversations with newsmakers, leaders, artists, and people of all walks of life,” Winfrey said. “I want to reach that sweet spot where insight and perspective, truth and tolerance actually intersect. So I have two documentaries in the works right now, one exploring the toll of sexual harassment, assault and violation in the workplace. The working title is Toxic Labor.” 

“The other yet-unnamed multi-part series focuses on mental health and how the scourge of anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, trauma is just devastating lives daily across the globe,” she added. “If we do our jobs right, we are going to replace shame and we are going to replace stigma with wisdom, compassion and honesty.” 

During the presentation, the lauded multi-hyphenate also explained why she chose to work with Apple in profound and inspiring terms.

“There has never been a moment quite like this one,” she stated. “We have this unique opportunity to rise to our best selves in how we use and choose to use both our technology and our humanity. We’re all in a crossroads where we get to decide if we want to reach beyond the borders of our hearts and minds, to face the daunting challenges of our time.” 

“Each of us comes to this earth with a deep potential that yearns to be fulfilled with a love to be set free,” Winfrey continued. “We all crave connection. We search for common ground – we want to be heard but we also need to listen to open, be open and contribute in order to harness the hopes and dreams and to heal our divisions – that’s why I have joined forces with Apple. Because they’re the company that has reimagined how we communicate.” 

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston were also in attendance to discuss their new series, The Morning Show.

"We pull back the curtain on the power dynamics between men and women in the high stakes world of morning news shows," Witherspoon said of the project. "It's seen through the eyes of two ambitious female characters."

"All of this and the chance for us to collaborate again has brought me back to television, and I'm really excited about it," Aniston added. "So, we can't wait to show all of you what we have been cooking up."

ET confirmed in July 2017 that the pair were set to co-star in a new series about morning shows. It was revealed three months later that Apple had picked it up, and already ordered two seasons.

Also part of the presentation was a clip teasing some of the other acclaimed storytellers and actors who are also creating content for Apple TV+ including Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Steve Carell and Kumail Nanjiani.