'Perfect Match's Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal Explain Why Their Relationship Didn't Last (Exclusive)

'Perfect Match's Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal discuss with ET why they believe their relationship didn't work out.

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal are sharing details about their relationship and explaining why they believe it ultimately didn't work out.

In an exclusive interview with ET's Brice Sander, Harry and Jessica, two of the Netflix Avengers from the latest season of Perfect Match, opened up about their experiences and the complexities of finding love in the public eye.

Discussing his return to reality TV, Harry highlighted the unique opportunities it presents. "I think that it's just a good opportunity to meet people in the same industry with the same goals, the same mindset, and you know these people are beautiful people, so it's good to be around them," Harry said.

When asked if he was fearful any exes might pop up, he admitted, "Every day, yeah."

Harry also addressed the biggest misconception about himself from his initial run on Too Hot to Handle. He explained, "It was a great opportunity for us to come on again and try to show a little bit more of your personality and maybe a different side of you because, you know, between these shows, you know, we film this, like, a year ago, there's been so much growth... you definitely evolve and grow a lot so it's always good to come back and kind of give the Netflix audience, like, a little revamp of who you are and where you're going and what you want to do."

"I think that Jess' aura is just so incredible," Harry said when discussing what initially drew him to Jessica. "She's such a hard-working woman. She has her life sorted, she's got incredible goals set, she's the most amazing mother, and yeah, most importantly she's just silly and we would always have so much fun,” he shared. Reflecting on their first date, he added, "I think Jess is incredible, and I'm grateful that we went on that first date to visit. It sparked something special."

However, overcoming preconceived notions was a significant challenge. Harry explained, "I think that again she's only seen what she's seen online or on the shows and also all the other girls they feel like they know me because they have seen me online... it was just a constant battle trying to prove like, hey, I am genuinely interested, yes I have real feelings... it took a lot of work."

Regarding whether he watched Jessica’s season of Love Is Blind, Harry admitted, "So she asked me to not watch so I haven't watched it. I haven't seen it. Obviously, I saw the clip online, and I thought that was incredible. You know, she's really good, she's really funny."

Jessica also shared her reasons for returning to reality TV.

"I mean, for me, my experience on Love Is Blind was absolutely wonderful even though I didn't get the outcome I wanted. I knew that that was exactly how it was meant to happen, so I was like, you know, why not take a second chance?" Jessica said.

Addressing her preconceived notions about Harry, she revealed, "Harry and I had a lot of conversations... about the fact that he is essentially like a veteran in the reality TV space and I was so new to it. We had lots of private conversations with him and his family. ... He was just kind of my comfort zone, so I was like, if you're asking for a fair chance, why shouldn't I give you one?"

Reflecting on why their relationship didn’t work outside the show, Jessica said, that inside the Villa she trusted what Harry told her, but "outside of the show it was more of like, an all right, fool me twice shame on me, I'm gonna have to take that on 'cause I did know better."

Despite their split, both Harry and Jessica expressed gratitude for their time together and the lessons learned from their relationship.

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