Playboy Model Brande Roderick Says Spending 'Quality Time' With Her Sons Helps Her Avoid Mom Guilt

Brande Roderick
Brande Roderick/Instagram

Playboy model Brande Roderick tells ET her advice for how to avoid mom guilt and her favorite self-care practices.

Brande Roderick is a mother, actress, director, producer, author, vineyard owner, and Playboy model, and now she’s adding another role to her resume by joining the iconic magazine’s creator platform.

"I'd love for my fans to get to know the real me and not just a character they've seen in a movie or TV show," she tells ET.

Brande Roderick/Instagram

"I want to invite my fans onto my property and into my home, take them along for my travels, and give them a behind-the-scenes look at my work through photos, videos, and livestreams," Roderick adds.

Regardless of what she's doing, the Baywatch star, 49, makes sure to stay organized in all her commitments. 

"I couldn't do it without time blocking. I carve out specific times every day for different areas of my life, whether it's for my health, my career, or my business ventures. … I love to be able to cross things off my list," she explains.

Although she does her best to stay on track, the mother of two boys, whom she shares with ex-husband Glenn Cadrez, experiences mom guilt from time to time. 

Brande Roderick/Instagram

"I try to avoid mom guilt by spending as much quality time with my kids as humanly possible. Sometimes work gets in the way, but they know that I have to go work to put a roof over their head, put food on our table and clothes on their body," the 2001 Playmate of the Year says. 

Her go-to family activities: "We love camping, swimming, and going to the movies. My favorite way to spend time with my boys is making dinner for them. I love sitting around the table and hearing about their days."

When it comes to wellness practices, Roderick prioritizes self-care, so that she can show up as the best version of herself.

Brande Roderick/Instagram

"I'm very good about carving out time for myself. … My routine helps me maintain a healthy mindset. I wake up every morning no later than 6:30 am and do some wall Pilates," Roderick says. "Then I go for a 45-minute walk or jog while listening to a motivational or informational podcast." 

"The boys stay with their dad two nights a week, so that becomes my me time. … I love to pop some popcorn, open a bottle of wine, and watch some of my guilty pleasure shows like The Bachelor or even Catfish," she notes.