Porsha Williams Shows Off $300K Rolls-Royce From Fiancé Simon Guobadia

The luxury car is very similar to the Rolls-Royce Guobadia seemingly gave his ex-wife in 2020.

Porsha Williams' new car from her fiancé, Simon Guobadia, is stunning. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star showed off her new Rolls-Royce Ghost -- which retails for over $300,000 -- on Instagram on Wednesday, and thanked Guobadia for the lavish gift.

Williams poses by the car in the pictures, which is topped with a red bow. In one photo, she sits in the driver's seat and shows off the orange interior. In another photo, she and Guobadia embrace while she sits on the hood of the car. The 40-year-old reality star referred to Guobadia as her "hubby" while thanking him.

"The only way you win is if I quit!🔥🤸🏽‍♂️," she wrote. "#ThankYouHubby #PhotoDump #LivingLife👑 #ThePursuitOfPorsha #RRGhost."

Williams and Guobadia, a businessman and film producer, got engaged last May. Guobadia was previously married to Williams' Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star, Falynn Pina. After Williams shared pictures of her new car on Instagram, fans brought up Pina also seemingly being gifted a Rolls-Royce from Guobadia in 2020 when they were still married. While the cars are not exactly the same, they both have orange interiors.

ET spoke with Williams in November, and she said she wasn't ruling out a return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta following her decision to leave the show in September after nine seasons. She also opened up about her romance with Guobadia, which some fans have questioned given his previous marriage to Pina. She noted that she and Pina aren't close despite Pina being introduced as her friend on the show.

"It's a common practice that if you're bringing someone new in, they have to be introduced by someone," she explained.

"The biggest misconception is that someone would have done something to hurt someone," she added of her and Guobadia's relationship. "Or that someone was obligated to something else, and anything was broken. I mean, this is just a story of adults making adult decisions for themselves."

She said that timing was everything for her and Guobadia.

"I met a man who was at the same place that I was, at the same time," she shared. "Mentally, spiritually and in love. You have to think about, for me to get to a place to walk away from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, to walk away from Dish, put Porsha first and really concentrate on what I want to do and my purpose, faith walk, when you meet someone else at that exact same place, it's a powerful force. So as soon as we started talking -- and you're talking to a man who has done 175 hours of therapy and has truly looked at all his mistakes and had turned around to be for the better -- when you meet someone in that space, you are going to be in like company."