Rachel Leviss Suggests Tom Sandoval 'Masterminded' Scandoval to Keep 'Vanderpump Rules' Going 

Rachel Leviss had an affair with Ariana Madix's now-ex, Tom Sandoval, in March 2023.

In a recent episode of her iHeart podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, former Vanderpump Rules star Rachel Leviss spilled the tea on her tumultuous relationship with Tom Sandoval, suggesting that he may have orchestrated the affair known as "Scandoval" to keep the reality TV show going.

As the new season of Vanderpump Rules is set to air tonight, Leviss opened up to her podcast producers, addressing various topics and responding to criticisms about her role on the show. One of the most shocking revelations came when Leviss hinted that Sandoval might have had a hand in planning the infamous scandal that unfolded on the show.

"The thought has crossed my mind, like did Tom mastermind this?" Leviss pondered. "He is known to self-produce, and all he has is this show, and the success of this show equals longevity in his career. He’s over 40 now, and this is his life, this is his main income."

Leviss went on to share details about conversations with Sandoval regarding the fallout of their relationship, claiming that he saw the potential for them to be together in the next season of the show. While not directly accusing him of orchestrating the drama, Leviss suggested that his motivations might have contributed to the escalation of the situation.

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However, Leviss also clarified that she doesn't consider herself a victim of the affair but rather a "victim of manipulation, assault, and harassment." She expressed her commitment to taking accountability for her actions and experiences.

Addressing another controversy, Leviss responded to allegations that she abandoned her dog Graham at a kill shelter. She clarified that she gave the dog to a breed-specific rescue due to behavioral issues, which included attacks on other foster dogs, a trainer, Rachel's mom, and a new owner. Leviss emphasized that her intention was not to have the dog killed, but she didn't want him living with James Kennedy.


Leviss also tackled comments about her relationship with Scheana Shay, stating that she subletted Shay’s Los Angeles apartment at a discounted rate and cat-sat for her during the pandemic while Shay was living in San Diego.

On the topic of her involvement with Vanderpump Rules before joining the cast, Leviss admitted she didn't watch the show initially. She started watching when she began dating Kennedy.

As for her relationship with Sandoval, Leviss revealed insights from therapy, stating that her "inner child chose Tom." However, as the relationship unfolded, she felt it mirrored a "James 2.0 situation," citing Sandoval's interactions with her parents as a turning point.


In conclusion, Leviss shared how talking to Sandoval made her feel "wanted," but she ultimately prioritized her well-being, stating, "And that took first priority above everything else." The podcast episode has left fans buzzing and eager to see how the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules will unfold.

In early March, Sandoval and Ariana Madix announced the end of their relationship after being together since 2013 when she first joined the show. It wasn't long before news broke that Sandoval cheated on Madix with their co-star, Leviss, which is what truly derailed the relationship. 

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is set to premiere on Tuesday, Jan. 30 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.