Reese Witherspoon Defends Her Reported $20 Million 'Morning Show' Salary

'Does it bother people when Kobe Bryant or LeBron James make their contract?'

Reese Witherspoon knows her worth.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 43-year-old actress questions why some took issue with her reported $20 million salary for The Morning Show, the Apple TV+ series she stars in and executive produces alongside Jennifer Aniston.

"There seemed to be a resentment, as if we weren't worth it or it was bothersome, and I thought, 'Why is that bothersome?'" Witherspoon says of a mention of her salary in a recent article.

"I guarantee these companies are real smart, and if they agree to pay us, they're doing it for a reason," she continues. "They probably had a lot of lawyers and a lot of business people decide on that number because they knew that they were going to make more than that back."

Additionally, Witherspoon questions, "Does it bother people when Kobe Bryant or LeBron James make their contract?"

Back in May, ET caught up with Witherspoon, who was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her Morning Show role, and she opened up about working on the series.

"It's such a great show... Jen is wonderful, and, again, it's this great female partnership," she said. "I have to say, it's a great theme in my life and the past few years. I'm just really enjoying the partnership with other women I really respect and admire."

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