'RHOBH' Cast Reacts to Reports That Season 10 Is Drama-Free (Exclusive)

Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne and Teddi Mellencamp sound off on reports that 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' 10th season is 'boring.'

Don’t believe everything you read.

So say Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, who were all quick to shut down reports that their 10th season, which they're currently filming, is "boring" and "drama-free." ET spoke with Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne and Teddi Mellencamp at BravoCon, the network's first-ever fan convention, in New York City, and all three ladies rebuffed the rumors.

"Someone started that rumor," Kyle ominously offers. "That's definitely what the case is, absolutely not. It would be nice, though, because it would be a lot more relaxing, wouldn't it?"

"Of course it's happening," Erika says, "it" being drama. "And I may or may not be a part of it. I don't know."

"I really wish that was true for my mental well-being, but no, that's actually not true," Teddi adds. "But, you're gonna have to tune in! It's been a lot, a lot of this…" she adds, making a wave motion with her hands.

All three women implied that their two new cast members -- actress Garcelle Beauvais and socialite Sutton Stracke -- are directly involved in the drama that is unfolding.

"You know, I think anytime you bring new blood into anything, there's going to be some drama," Teddi teases. "There's gonna be some getting to know each other and getting to know what works with each other, and the dynamic. So, yeah, you're gonna see some friction. But there's some good... good and the bad."

"Listen, the great part about this new season is, we have two new Housewives, which give two fresh views, two fresh approaches to the entire friend group," Erika chimes in. "Which is wonderful. Again, fresh energy. A fresh approach. A fresh perspective."

"Like usual, not everyone gets along," Kyle says. "Everyone has a different opinion about things. And it's not just only drama. We also do have fun, too, and you know, great trips, exciting stuff going on."

There will be some fan-favorite former co-stars returning for guest appearances on the new season, too, including Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards, Eileen Davidson and, yes, Camille Grammer. Plus, a likely cameo from Kris Jenner!

"Just stay tuned!" Kyle teases, noting that there's "never a dull moment in Beverly Hills."

With two seasons under her belt, and three co-stars with shorter runs than her (Denise Richards only joined last year), Teddi says she's finally outgrown being the "new kid" on the show.

"I definitely don't feel like the new kid anymore," she proclaims. "I feel comfortable within the group. But the more comfortable you get, the more you open up and the more vulnerable you are. So, other things can occur."

A difference for Teddi this season, though, is the fact that she's pregnant… which means she’s filming season 10 stone-cold sober.

"Being a sober Housewife is next-level," she admits. "But, the good news is, my memory is on point. I'm not missing a crumb!"

That could be good news or bad news for Teddi's cast, which for the first time does not include Lisa Vanderpump. The OG star of RHOBH announced her departure for the series at the end of the show's ninth season, after a contentious year that saw her fall out with the whole cast about halfway through filming. Lisa was also on hand for BravoCon, but the ladies' schedules kept them from ever bumping into one another. Still, Kyle, Teddi and Erika were all prepared had that happened, with Teddi saying she'd simply offer a "hi" and move on.

"I would say, hi, how are you?" Kyle admits, adding that things are cordial "on my end."

And, for her part, Erika says she would say "not much" to Lisa as "we never really had that much, anyway."

"It's in the rearview, babes," she quips.

Well, she could be in the windshield view at some point. Ever since her exit was confirmed, Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen has said that the door is always open for a Lisa Vanderpump return, which could come as soon as season 11. While Lisa tells ET that’s "not even up for discussion right now," her former co-stars still have thoughts about a potential comeback.

"What if I'm not there?" Erika asks. "So, who knows? Listen -- no one can predict a Housewife's future. No one."

"Oh, I want whatever's best for her," Teddi says. "Completely."

"You know what? I'm always nostalgic, when people always ask," Kyle offers. "The original cast, from season one, of course, I'd love to have any of them back."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns for season 10 on Bravo sometime in 2020.