'RHONJ's Margaret Josephs Sounds Off on Danielle Staub and Addresses Issues With Teresa Giudice (Exclusive)

Margaret Josephs of Bravo's 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey.'
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The 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star opens up to ET about season 10, saying it will leave the fans in 'white shock' by its end.

Margaret Josephs has traded in her pigtails for one powerful ponytail.

"That ponytail didn’t come out of my head!" the Real Housewives of New Jersey star exclaims, referencing a hair-pulling incident teased in the season 10 trailer. "It was quite impressive. That thing was, like, clipped in. That extension was, like, crazy!"

The "un-be-weave-able" ponytail-pull is, literally, at the hands of Danielle Staub. The ladies go at it on a cast shopping trip to a high-end boutique later in the season, though it's unclear what specifically leads to the blowout fight, which also includes Margaret dumping water on Danielle's head and, reportedly, a purse set on fire.

"It is a day that I think will go down as big as the table flip," Margaret says, paying homage to Teresa Giudice's iconic season one explosion, also involving Danielle. "It's not a day I'm happy about. I don't know people like that, if you want the truth. You know, the person who attacked me, and I don't want to know people like that."

It's clear, Margaret is happy to talk about Danielle, so long as she doesn't have to say her name.

"It was crazy, it's crazy!" she continues. "I think it will probably be a very watched episode, and it's explosive, and it's emotional… and I think it's a turning point for everyone."

After things got physical, Margaret says she feels like there’s no place for Danielle in the group of women featured on RHONJ, ominously declaring that there’s "only one place for her." The duo started to fall out last season, which saw Danielle getting married and then, almost immediately, splitting from husband Marty Caffrey. In the new season's trailer, Danielle seemingly blames Margaret for the dissolution of her marriage.

"Isn’t that hilarious?" Margaret remarks, with a laugh. "Her marriage was over eight weeks after she tied the knot. I don’t know exactly how, considering she put out her own divorce papers and filed a restraining order against him... I don’t know how I could be the cause of all that? She can’t even take responsibility for 21 failed engagements, so, I mean, her track record is not so good, so I don’t know how I could be the cause of her divorce. But, you know, hey."

Margaret admits that she and her husband, Joe Benigno, are "cordial" with Danielle’s ex, and even filmed with him for the new season.

"I think that Marty probably doesn't have a lot of people who understood the nuances and manipulation of Mrs. Caffrey," she offers, once again avoiding using the name "Danielle."

Fans will recall that season nine ended with Margaret and Joe shoving Marty into a pool after he spoke poorly about their marriage.

"After they filed for divorce, he felt badly the way he treated us and everything that had happened," Margaret shares. "So Joe, Joe's a great guy. Joe spoke to Marty and everything else, and he had come over to discuss how he and Danielle were at peace, and I think he's a very forgiving person, but I said to him, 'You know, Marty, she publicly trashed you and your family and everything else and I think it would be an insult to your family and everybody else if you went back to her.' I did say that to him. I think it would be a public embarrassment. And I was honest! I’m not gonna say something that was not true."

Margaret's honesty is a blessing and a curse, as it gets her in trouble with more of her co-stars in season 10, including RHONJ OG Teresa Giudice.

"Teresa and I don’t always see eye to eye," Margaret offers. "We have a difference of opinion."

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"I think she uses faulty logic," she adds. "She doesn’t always agree with me, she doesn’t like to be told what to do. She thinks if you give your opinion, you're telling her what to do, and it’s not the case. But, we definitely have a deep love and respect for each other. She knows the way I feel about her, and I think that supersedes any issues we normally have. We don’t like to argue… but we definitely argue."

One argument teased in the trailer shows Margaret seemingly telling Teresa that she's a bad mother, but Margaret cautions that not everything is as it appears.

"I would never say that to anyone," she says. "You're gonna have to watch and see what is actually being said. I think Teresa is an amazing mother. I think that’s one of her best qualities. So, I know everybody came out of the woodwork to say something about that. I'm not one to insult people’s parenting skills, especially not Teresa. But those words come out of my mouth! You're gonna have to wait and see what I was talking about."

Margaret is featured in the season 10 trailer, possibly, more than any other cast member. Her issues with Jennifer Aydin, who joined the group last year, are also a major through line of the first look.

"It's like having a bratty little sister," she says of Jennifer. "You love her, but she's like having a bratty little sister, that’s what it is. People could say I have no filter, but I feel her point of view is different from, like, many people, maybe. It’s still like, did you really say that? I feel like, sometimes, she needs a correction."

Looking at season 10 as a whole, though, Margaret gushes that it's going to be "fabulous," with "lots of crazy, lots of fun," and some very unexpected twists.

"Let's put it this way, there's an undercurrent that, by the end of the season, will blow up that people won't even believe," she teases. "I think it's just something that we're all just shocked about, every single person."

"Something comes to light and we're just, you know, shocked," she adds. "Everybody's in, like, white shock by the end of the season. Everybody is like, 'What?! Oh my god!' kind of reaction."

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s new season premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.