Rihanna Says 'God Is Good' After Earning Billionaire Status Thanks to Fenty Beauty

On Wednesday, Forbes announced that the mogul is now worth an estimated $1.7 billion due in part to her beauty line Fenty Beauty.

B**ches have finally given Rihanna her money, and it's taken her to billionaire status. On Wednesday, Forbes announced that she has officially become the wealthiest female musician in the world, and is second only to Oprah Winfrey as the richest female entertainer. The publication estimates Rihanna's worth has climbed to an impressive $1.7 billion, and that's in large part thanks to her ventures in the world of beauty and fashion. 

Fenty Beauty, which Forbes confirms Rihanna owns 50% of, makes up $1.4 billion of the mogul's fortune, which is incredibly impressive since she only launched the brand in 2017. But it's not surprising considering how popular the innovative beauty brand has become. When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty, she changed the beauty game forever by debuting an unprecedented foundation line that featured 40 foundation shades for people of all color. The line was expanded to 50 foundation shades and 50 concealer colors by 2019.

"Being inclusive for me always came second nature," Rihanna explained to ET. "I see how women become so emotionally invested and they feel represented. They feel like they can see themselves on the shelves and in the campaigns."

And now, with the inclusive makeup collection having expanded into skincare, it's not just the women Rihanna is targeting. She wanted to make sure her Fenty Skin line not only worked for all skin tones and types, but that it was also gender-neutral, so she called up friends like A$AP Rocky and Lil Nas X to star in the campaign shoot.

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Image

"I wanted men to be represented because this skincare line is gender-neutral," she told ET. "I want it to be for everyone, so you don't have men scared to use skincare. They think it's a feminine thing, they think it's just for girls, and I don't like that idea. We all have skin, we all wear skin, so I knew we needed that male representation in the campaign."

Rihanna added, "We want these products to work for all skin types and, of course, all skin tones. I want these things to be different from anything that is on the market. I want it to be simple. I want it to be accessible, but still with the high level of ingredients that some of these other brands do but they're so expensive."

On Thursday, the 33-year-old mogul was spotted by paparazzi while stepping out and asked what her newly revealed billionaire status means to her. "God is good," she humbly declared before going on her way. 

The rest of Rihanna's fortune comes from her stake in her lingerie company, Savage x Fenty, worth an estimated $270 million, and her earnings as a chart-topping musician and actress. Back in February, it was announced that the A-list star's lingerie and loungewear brand had reached a $1 billion valuation in lingerie equity, with Forbes estimating that it would be "the global lingerie market leader by 2025."

Guess Rihanna will no longer have to demand that folks pay her what they owe her or dunk on Lebron James' financial status -- as she does in the iconic hit "B**tch Better Have My Money" -- because she's practically racking it in.