Rihanna Supports A$AP Rocky at First Concert Since His Arrest

The 'Goldie' rapper was taken into custody on April. 20.

Rihanna had all eyes on A$AP Rocky during his recent performance! The rapper hit the stage during the Smokers Club Festival in Los Angeles Saturday and had his leading lady -- and her baby bumps -- support.  

The 34-year-old singer was spotted backstage rapping along with her boyfriend and recording moments from his set. During the concert, Rihanna was surrounded by security. The mommy-to-be rocked a look that put her baby bump on display.  

Rocky’s performance was the first time he took the stage since his arrest. The “Praise the Lord” rapper was arrested on April 20 for assault with a deadly weapon (firearm) stemming from an alleged incident that took place in November 2021, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to ET. 

The New York native was released the same day. Rihanna and Rocky -- who are due to welcome their first child together in the coming weeks -- have since stepped out for a dinner date and celebrated their baby with a rave-themed baby shower.  


A source told ET that the couple considered cancelling the celebration. Instead, the couple thought it was important to surround themselves with family and friends.  

“They flew out some family and friends from Barbados,” the source said before adding that the invite list was “very intimate.” 

The source added, "Rihanna didn’t want a shower for just the ladies, they’re in this together, it was always going to be a joint celebration." 

As for the couple’s bond, another source said that Rihanna is all in when it comes to her love. "When she's in love with someone," the source said, "She'll do anything for them." 

When it comes to her commitment and trust of him, the source noted, "Rihanna hasn't wavered. She loves him. He's family."