Robin Thicke on Honoring Late Friend and Collaborator Andre Harrell With New Song 'Forever Mine' (Exclusive) 

'Forever Mine' was released Wednesday.

Robin Thicke's latest single means a lot to him. 

The singer dropped his new song, "Forever Mine," on Wednesday, reminding the world to take a moment to appreciate their loved ones. The soulful, romantic ballad is especially relevant given how families are coping with separation and loss amid the coronavirus pandemic, and especially important to Thicke. It was the last record he finished with his mentor, friend and collaborator Andre Harrell. The late music producer -- who died May 7 -- was also godfather to Thicke's son, Julian. 

"My mentor and creative partner and executive producer of all of my albums, Andre Harrell, passed away recently. This was the last song that him and I got to finish together," Thicke shared in a recent interview with ET's Keltie Knight. 

"He had given me his final notes, 'Add more jazz trumpet in the first bridge, and little less delay on the vocals,' and so I just finished this song and he had approved it," he said. "So I'm very happy to dedicate it to him." 

Coping with death is always hard, but Thicke is persevering with the help of his family. 

"My parents went through a lot too in this business, in their lives, and they always lead by example," he expressed. "I have a son, and I have to be a good example and strong example for him. No matter what we're faced with, we have to rise up and be the best people we can be." 

Thicke shares 10-year-old Julian with his ex-wife, Paula Patton, but is also parent to 2-year-old Mia and 1-year-old Lola with fiancée April Love Geary.

"I'll never regret having extra time with my kids and being the principal and teacher and cook and cleaner and everything in between," the Masked Singer panelist told ET of quarantining with his family. 

"As every parent knows, at times it's just exhausting. You feel like you're in a corner and you need to chew your way out -- but most of the time, nothing can bring you more daily joy and fulfillment than your children can," Thicke said. "Watching them smile or play or learn a new word... or watching my son ace his math test and me helping him through it -- all those things are rewards that never get old and you can never get enough of." 

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