Ryan Reynolds Reveals Which He Hates More: 'Green Lantern' or 'X-Men: Origins'

Ryan Reynolds mistakes
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A fan at the 'Deadpool 2' Comic-Con panel on Saturday posed an "entertaining question" to the actor.

"I have an entertaining question."

So claimed one Comic-Con attendee during the audience Q&A portion of Hall H's Deadpool 2 panel on Saturday, which brought together Ryan Reynolds, Zazie Beetz, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapicic and the filmmakers to promote the Super Duper $@%!#& Cut. It was a disclaimer bound to fill any reasonable person with trepidation, but the question certainly was entertaining: "What do you hate more, Green Lantern or X-Men: Origins?"

For a moment, Reynolds was speechless. Then he considered, "Both have kind of been a wealth of endless jokes for Deadpool. ... So I kind of love them both." After earnestly explaining he had a "ball" shooting both of the superhero flops, Reynolds did admit, "But, no, they're both pretty bad."

(As for whether Deadpool and Green Lantern would ever team up -- an actual question that was asked, though, admittedly, by a young child -- Reynolds replied, "That sounds like fun. That sounds really expensive. The Deadpool suit is super cheap compared to a totally CGI onesie.")

Though Deadpool 2 already hit theaters, the presentation included never-before-seen extended sequences and deleted scenes that will be included in the Super Duper $@%!#& Cut, including a new bit in which Deadpool goes back in time to kill baby Hitler. Ironically enough, the footage was all censored.

"Are we not allowed to swear? Its called the Super Duper Thunderf--- Edition," Reynolds deadpanned. "OK, they'll bleep that out later."

Amid all of the F-bombs and nonstop pop-culture references, Reynolds, ever the family man, shared a genuinely sweet story of how wife Blake Likely inspired him to re-enlist in a superhero franchise after the aforementioned failures, saying, "My wife Blake jumped in and was like, 'You've got to do this movie. You've been trying to get this movie made since before I was born.'"

Of course, there was also the usual ribbing at Lively's expense, which came when another fan asked what the couple is binging on Netflix. "Uh, does it have to be Netflix? Do we have to do an ad for Netflix?" he said. "Loving The Handmaid's Tale. Wish there were more. Just watched the last one." Mostly, he's been on a movie kick of late.

"My wife's been shooting a film overseas, so I've had a ton of time to pretend I'm watching the kids," he grinned before joking, "[She's] filing papers as we speak."