Safer Spring Cleaning: Natural Cleaning Products on Amazon That Actually Work, According to Reviewers

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Natural Cleaning Products on Amazon That Actually Work

We've just entered March, which means spring will officially be here in just a few weeks. And with spring comes spring cleaning

You've got your sponges, mop, vacuum, and cleaning tub filled with cleaning products all lined up to go, but when was the last time you looked at the labels on your cleaning products? According to the American Lung Association, certain ingredients and chemicals in your cleaning products can cause chronic respiratory problems, headaches, or even allergic reactions. While this is a cause for concern, it is even more concerning for those with children and pets. 

We want to keep everyone in your house safe as you knock out your spring cleaning checklist and that means using safe, non-toxic cleaning products. And while there are many on the market, some work better than others. We've done the research and read through the reviews to find the safest and top-rated cleaning products, meaning nothing with less than a 4.5 out of 5-star review. The popular cleaning supplies we've found will have your home looking sparkling and spotless, safely. 

Below, check out ET's top picks for natural cleaning products that will give you peace of mind as you tidy your home for spring.

Mrs. Meyer's cruelty-free formulas are biodegradable and made from plant-derived cleaning ingredients and essential oils. And customers are happy with their cleaning power as the product has been rated by over 16,000 people and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.


Mrs. Meyers doesn't only offer floor cleaner, they also offer a wide variety of multi-purpose cleaners with fun scents like this one that smells like fresh lemon verbena. 


Free of bleach, Method uses the power of plants to create antibacterial formulas. And with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating, it truly delivers results.

One satisfied customer said, "I love this toilet cleaner, enough that I took the time to write a review! First of all, it smells great. Second, it cleans really well! I used to always use those popular cleaners (Lysol, bleach) and I felt like I was choking on the smell and ruining my lungs with chemicals. This stuff doesn’t not smell like harsh chemicals but it definitely works just as well! 100% love this!"


Switch your Clorox wipes to these Method wipes, which not only pack a punch, but are also compostable. 


Using vinegar and plant-derived ingredients, Aunt Fannie's All Purpose Cleaning Vinegar tackles tricky grim in kitchens, bathrooms and other sealed surfaces. And customers rave about this cleaner, just read this review from Vanessa Edwards: "I Love this product. I have 2 cats and two pre teens and it got all of the funk out of my house. I had sticky areas on my hardwood floors.. GONE!! I use it everywhere.. walks, cabinets, tub, mirrors, etc. It doesn't smell super vinegary, it makes everything smell FRESH. I highly recommend this product. Oh and it's gentle, you don't feel like you're going to die from inhaling chemicals while you clean."


Dish disposals can get smelly. Throw in one of these non-toxic, naturally-derived ingredient pods from Grab Green and give your disposal a whirl to clear odors and release the tangerine and lemongrass fresh scent.


Bon Ami has been around since 1886 and the popular non-toxic formula is still a favorite because of its effective cleaning power. Use it in the kitchen, in the bathroom or even basically anywhere.

Just look at everything the reviewer, Puzzlemaker, had tried, "I use this lightly abrasive cleaner for everything. There is no bleach in it so I don't end up with damaged shirts. I have used this successfully for: counter stains, pot scrubbing, scrubbing vinyl notebooks, sinks, toilets, stained utensils, rust spots, appliances, toaster oven clean ups, coffee urns, and so much more. It truly is a 'Good Friend'."


This hardworking countertop spray is made from a vegetable protein extract. The cleaner removes stubborn odors on surfaces. 


Crafted from plant-based ingredients like natural fir needle and spruce essential oils, this Dr. Bronner's All-Purpose Cleaner is a popular choice. The brand is also climate-pledge friendly and works with farmers to combat climate change. 


Next time your windows or mirrors need cleaning, try this Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner that is made with plant-based ingredients and delivers a streak-free shine according to many reviewers. One Amazon customer said, "Never had such a streak-free clean, including on the outside of windows in an urban setting, which get REALLY dirty. This cleaner cuts through it all for perfectly clear glass."


A wood floor cleaner that's water-based, biodegradable and doesn't leave residue? It sounds too good to be true, but Bona Hardwood's fast-drying formula does just that.


Have little ones in your house? Have peace of mind when you use these wipes that don't have harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach, sulfates or phthalates. One happy mom said, "These are my go to wipes for cleaning up my daughter's high chair and our dining table after each meal. They seem to cut through food very well and aren't filled with harsh chemicals and do not have a strong scent."


Not only will you get a plant-based kitchen cleaner that cuts through the grease, but you can buy ATTITUDE cleaning products in bulk. Then you can refill your original container to decrease single-plastic use. 


Eco-friendly brand BLUELAND provides cleaning tablets and a cleaning bottle with your first purchase. Just add water and order more tablets as needed. 


Is there a natural cleaner more classic than Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda? From kitchens to bathrooms to keeping your fridge smelling fresh, there's not much that this powerful baking soda can't handle. 



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