Sarah Palin Gets Emotional Upon Hearing of Bristol's 'Heartbreaking' Decision to End Her Marriage

Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin
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Sarah Palin is getting emotional about her daughter's divorce.

In Monday's episode of Teen Mom OG, the 54-year-old Republican politician broke down in tears when her 28-year-old daughter Bristol discussed her impending divorce from Dakota Meyer.

“When I came to Texas, Dakota had moved all my stuff into the guest bedroom,” Bristol told her mom on the show. “My bed, all my belongings in this guest bedroom." 

“And, of course, that was a symbolic thing,” her mother said.

“Oh, 100 percent," Bristol replied, before revealing that, according to her divorce documents, she has the option to stay in their home for up to a year, though she doesn't want to.

"It’s tough on the kids,” Bristol said. “Can you imagine Tripp coming home from California and seeing his mom’s stuff gone out of her room?”

“That’s heartbreaking, Bristol,” Sarah lamented.

Bristol went on to discuss just how contentious her relationship with Dakota, 30, had become following their February split after a year and a half of marriage.

“He's calling me and [saying], ‘I need my wedding ring back.’ It’s like, what? All this little stuff that is so petty. He literally said, ‘You better get your mommy’s money because I’m going to fight you tooth and nail until the girls are 18,’” Bristol recalled.

“This is so unnecessary,” Sarah responded.

Additionally, Bristol revealed that she asked her ex, Levi Johnston, to take their 9-year-old son, Tripp, to Alaska for a while. "I refuse to let Tripp go to Austin under these circumstances," she said.

“That’s a perfect attitude," Sarah said. "You have a choice in how you’re going to react to the circumstances. So does [Dakota] though.” 

For Bristol, the biggest concern is figuring out how to have a healthy relationship with Dakota for their two daughters, Sailor, 2, and Atlee, 1.

"The thing I worry about is just how are we going to learn to communicate as co-parents and putting our kids first and not having these petty arguments or going through our attorneys on pointless stuff that is costing us both money,” Bristol said.

“I’m not going to start crying about it," Sarah said through tears. “Even if the rest of the world doesn’t know, your family knows who you are and what you have within you. You have everything going for you to start anew.”

Later in the episode Bristol and Dakota FaceTime to figure out scheduling for the following weeks. When the call ends, Dakota tells a producer that his ex is "a f*cking smart a**."

"She's an obnoxious smart a**... She just thinks that when she makes a decision, when she wants to do something, everyone else should bow down and just run to her, help and make it happen," Dakota said. "It's just, like, she's not my problem anymore. I get upset about it because I have another 16 years to have to communicate with a human being like this over my daughters." 

ET spoke with Dakota earlier this month and he detailed his "up and down" relationship with Bristol.

"I think every relationship has its ups and downs. I think that's a part of whether you're married or whether you're in friendship or in business, right? They all have their ups and downs, and I think it's just a normal part of life," he said. "I think that, you know, I'm going to still stay focused on trying to provide the best environment possible, focusing on [the kids] being happy, healthy and safe and knowing that they're loved by both parents."

"I know how critical that is, having a mother and father involved in your life," he added. "I'm going to continue to be the most involved father hopefully that you'll ever see."

As for Bristol, back in September she told ET that her relationship with Dakota progressed too quickly.

"I think that our marriage was something that was very fast, and he would agree, too," she said at the time. "There's a lot of things that we probably both wished that we would have done differently. I think there's a lot of things that we would advise our children to do different, absolutely."

Watch the video below for more on the former couple:


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