Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer Decide to End Their Marriage in Emotional ‘Teen Mom OG’ Episode

Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer
Teen Mom OG

Teen Mom OG is just two episodes into its first season with Bristol Palin, but on Monday night, the mother of three and her then-husband, Dakota Meyer, officially decided to end their marriage. 

Bristol and Dakota have been at odds throughout their brief time on the show, as the Marine suffers from PTSD after his entire team was killed during a mission in Afghanistan. 

"I live my life on complete eggshells,” Bristol says in Monday’s episode. "I think everyone in this house does, even the kids.”

Dakota struggled with the decision to split from Bristol, noting that he still loves her and wanted to keep trying. 

"For me the dilemma is I love Bristol, but you can only do that for so long and not get it back,” he says. "It’s been something that’s been hard for me to accept. It breaks my heart.”

Bristol Palin
Teen Mom OG

He felt that they were “quitting” their marriage, which was difficult for Dakota in regards to his religious and moral beliefs. 

"I live by honor, I live by integrity, I live by 'never quit,’” he explains. "It’s not a cool T-shirt phrase for me." 

But ultimately he noted that he “just wants peace.” 

The couple sat down together to talk out their problems and the decision to end things. 

"We’re both unhappy. I was a single mom for a long time, but being married I’m more alone than I’ve ever been,” Bristol notes. "And I know that he’s probably more lonely now than he’s ever been.”

She added that she take “full responsibility” for “becoming cold.” 

Noting, “I feel like we’re better people when we’re not together,” Bristol said she wants more for her ex.  

Dakota was concerned that the couple’s two children — Sailor, 2, and Atlee, 1 — would be the ones to suffer from their split. (Bristol also shares son Tripp with ex Levi Johnston). 

"I think they’re going to suffer more if we sat here and continued to try to do this relationship,” Bristol adds. "It’s not a good situation… I just love them. They’re just my world and I know this situation is not what’s best for them.”

The episode ended with the pair comforting one another as they came to the conclusion that their marriage was over. 

Dakota recently spoke with ET about his relationship with his ex. Noting he will “absolutely not” be getting back together with Bristol, the former Marine opened up about their decision to split. 

"I think we both realized that what matters the most is putting the kids in the best environment and that’s not going to be us together,” he explained. 

For more from Dakota’s exclusive interview, watch the clip below: 


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