Savannah Chrisley Says She Postponed Her Wedding Because Things 'Moved Way Too Fast'

Nic Kerdiles and Savannah Chrisley
Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images for E3 Chophouse Nashville

The reality star gets candid about her decision to take things slow with Nic Kerdiles.

Savannah Chrisley is taking things slow with Nic Kerdiles. After sharing that she and the hockey player were taking a step back in their relationship, the Growing Up Chrisley star got candid about her decision to call off their engagement and postpone their wedding.

Savannah and Nic got engaged in April 2019 after dating since November 2017. However, on Thursday's new episode of the Chrisley Confessions podcast, she revealed that there came a point where they felt like "things were moving too fast."

"We made [the decision] together. We both just realized that things moved way too fast and we needed to go back to dating," Savannah told her dad, Todd Chrisley, before explaining that a close friend gave her some sage advice.

"She said, ‘When you get married, the good things in your relationship become great and the bad things in your relationship become worse.' And I truly sat on that and I thought about it and there was just so much that Nic and I needed to work through," Savannah explained. "And there was a lot of pressure because we got engaged, it was public and everyone expected a wedding."

She added it didn't help that Todd had even started looking at venues and organized plans for a major weekend wedding. Savannah also expressed that she knew she and Nic had to work things out.

"I just knew we had to work on things on a different level. We had to dig deeper and it's hard. It's 2020 and you know what, it's OK not to follow the guidelines and the whole timeframe that everyone follows," Savannah explained.

At the time, they had already picked out the date, May 9, which was her late grandfather's birthday. However, with the coronavirus pandemic, it would have been postponed.

"You just have to do what is best for you. If it would have been May 9, we would have been screwed," she said. "That would have been so bad."

Thankfully, after first being shocked about his daughter's decision, Todd was very supportive. "For a minute, he was in full manager mode…and then he caught himself and then went back into dad mode," she shared. "That made me feel good that he supported my decision. It's been a whirlwind of things and we're still working on things. We're both in therapy. We're doing what we know we need to do."

Savannah concluded by expressing that she knows their relationship would have been stronger if she had worked on herself and done therapy before. She and Todd also said that they see what people comment on their social media and the negative posts. While they have tried to brush the trolls away, they both agreed that people need to be kinder.

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