See Jennifer Hudson Learn How to Swim With the Help of Ryan Lochte

The 12-time Olympic champion helped the EGOT face her fear of the water.

Jennifer Hudson has added another new skill to her decorated resume -- swimmer! 

On Wednesday's episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, the host is joined by professional swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte, who helped her get over her longtime fear of the water. 

In the clip, Jennifer -- dressed in a stylish pink-and-black swimsuit -- is assisted by Ryan as she enters the pool. At first, Ryan instructs her to get acclimated and "fall in love" with the water by holding onto the sides and kicking her feet.

"My baby's gonna be so proud of me because he can swim," she says of her 14-year-old son, David, as she gets the hang of the pool. 

Chris Millard/Warner Bros.

"By the summer, you're going to be swimming with your kid," Ryan adds. 

The pair move onto the next portion of the swim lesson, which is using the skills Jennifer learned to swim the length of the pool, from the shallow end to the deep end. 

Ryan offers the 42-year-old some extra encouragement, as she successfully swims the first 40 meters. Coaching his student to keep going, Ryan backs up, allowing the "Spotlight" singer to touch the deep end of the pool.

After a little convincing, Jennifer completes her lesson by making her way from the deep end back to the shallow end. 

"You overcame your fear, you wanted to give up but you kept pushing. That is a lesson you can use even in life, you just kicked a**," Ryan tells her.

Back on land and in the studio, Jennifer talks to Ryan about another one of his celebrity clients, John Legend. When asked who the better student was between her and her fellow EGOT, she took the prize.

"His pool was shorter," Ryan tells her. "You outswam him by a lot. He had a little tiny pool, you would have done laps around him."

Jennifer was grateful for the new lesson and thanked Ryan for all of his encouragement. 

"You gave me the confidence and encouragement to try it and I knew I was in good hands," she says. "I had the best time."