'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Says Christine Painted Him in a Bad Light So Future Men Would Date Her

Christine publicly announced her decision to leave Kody in November 2021.

Kody Brown says that not only is his ex, Christine Brown, raking his name through the mud, he believes she's doing so for a very specific purpose. The Sister Wives star sat down for part 2 of the TLC reality series' One-on-One special with host Sukanya Krishnan, where there was plenty of discussion about Christine's decision to leave her ex and their family behind. 

During the sit-down, Kody claims he could have handled Christine leaving their marriage simply because she was no longer interested in a plural marriage, but notes that he takes issue with Christine badmouthing him. He listed the various grievances Christine has called out on this past season of the show. 

"What she's actually doing is -- [he] broke my baby's heart, I don't respect him, [he's a] coward, I don't respect him, [he] picks favorites, I don't respect him -- just name it. She's been s**t talking me," Kody claims. "She's trying to assuage her guilt by saying I'm a bad man. And I get it. She needs to do that so she can find another man who will trust her. Because if she leaves a good man, most guys are going to go, 'This is risky.'"

Kody also claims that he never loved the mother of six of his children, claiming she was "asking to be in the family" and that he "felt a lot of pressure" due to Christine's background. 


"Christine was basically royalty in our church," Kody explains. "I look back and it wasn't fair for me to go, 'Oh, this will look good for me.'"

"So it was your ego?" Sukanya asks. 

"Oh, I was a polygamist. It's all ego, baby," Kody says, not elaborating on whether his use of the past tense here was intentional. 

During the solo talks, Christine also addresses the accusations that she was "mean" to her fellow sister wives by badmouthing them to Kody. 

"He did the same thing!" she insists. "He would complain about the other wives too -- not Robyn, he would never complain about Robyn. But he would complain about Meri and Janelle all the time to me. I figured we were just complaining to each other because isn't that what people do? He was a sounding board. I didn't think I was being mean."

In October, Christine told ET that while she's currently single, she has been dating. 

"I'm dating just for fun. Just keeping everything super light because that's just who I am right now," she said at the time. 

The Sister Wives One-on-One special will air part 3 on Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.