'Sister Wives' Sneak Peek: Christine Brown Calls Kody 'Cowardly,' Tells Him to 'Man the F**k Up' (Exclusive)

In the exclusive sneak peek clip, Christine confronts Kody about not letting her go amid marriage troubles.

Christine Brown is done with her estranged husband, Kody, in this exclusive new sneak peek clip from Sister Wives' upcoming season 17. 

Christine, who officially announced her intention to divorce Kody in November 2021, admitted in the clip to getting "jealous" of Kody's other wives whom she felt were in stronger marriages than her own. 

She also called Kody out for not spending more time with her and their kids even before the pandemic put further strain on their relationship. 

"I don't have time to play like she has time to play. I've got a lot of work to do and a lot of responsibilities," Kody explains in the clip. "I don't get this, 'You don't show up here,' and stuff like that. It's like, what are you doing all day? It's certainly not cooking and cleaning. Listen, there's nothing to say here." 

As Christine and Kody come face-to-face to discuss their marriage, Christine, who was Kody's third wife, tries to make her estranged husband explain why he doesn't seem to want to divorce her. 

"Why are you insisting on holding onto me? This isn't working, Kody. You said it wasn't working too," she tells him. "You said you were not interested in me. You weren't interested in a sexual marriage with me. You said, 'People survive for years without having an intimate marriage.' You said that."

Kody replies, "You're blaming me for me being turned off by your behavior." 

In an aside interview, Christine lets it all out, declaring, "We've been married for 25 years. I've known you for almost 30 years. Don't insult me, tell me straight up. If you don't want to be married to me anymore, you don't want to have an intimate marriage with me anymore, flipping tell me. It is cowardly. Man the f**k up, come on."

Prior to the divorce announcement, Kody spoke with ET in 2021, saying, "I'm not in a place where I say, 'Hey,' to a wife, 'I'm leaving you.' That's just never going to happen. If our relationship isn't good, then we either figure out how to work it out or whatever. We've been doing counseling for seven years."

Sister Wives season 17 premieres Sunday, Sept. 11 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.