Sydney Sweeney on Working With Fiancé Jonathan Davino and Why She Doesn't Have a Wedding Update (Exclusive)

The 'Anyone But You' actress also tells ET why she doesn't have an update on her wedding plans to fiancé Jonathan Davino.

Wedding bells are ringing for Sydney Sweeney and her fiancé, Jonathan Davino, but the actress won't be walking down the aisle anytime soon.

On Monday, ET's Rachel Smith chatted with Sweeney and her Anyone But You co-star, Glen Powell, at the premiere of their new film, during which the rom-com star shared details about her upcoming nuptials. 

Sweeney and Davino sparked engagement rumors after the Euphoria star was spotted wearing a huge diamond ring while out in Los Angeles last March. Sweeney has been linked to 38-year-old Davino since at least 2018, but neither party confirmed their relationship despite the two being photographed together on several occasions over the years.

Despite having been engaged for almost two years, the Anyone But You star confessed that she and her husband-to-be haven't made much headway in planning their wedding.

"I am so busy working! I'm a workaholic and I love it, I love it," she explained to ET when asked how far along their plans have gotten.


Considering that Sweeney and Davino work together as producing partners for her Fifty-Fifty Films production company, it's no surprise that they've both gotten caught up with their work. 

"I think it's incredible being able to work with people who you wanna be in business with," Sweeney said about working alongside her partner as executive producers. "It's amazing having someone who cheers you on and someone who fully just supports what you do."

The couple's latest joint project is the highly anticipated rom-com that has been turning heads and sparked online chatter thanks to the leading stars' chemistry. Sweeney had nothing but praise for her leading man. 

The actress recalled how Powell kept everyone laughing on set, telling ET she had to struggle not to "constantly just crack up the entire time."

"Glen and I would just look at each other, and we would just burst into laughter. Or we wouldn't even be looking at each other, we could just feel that and just laugh. It was amazing," she added. "There's just so much love amongst everyone. I mean, I feel like this entire cast will be family for the rest of my life."

Sweeney, who is the executive producer on the film, previously told ET that she knew she wanted to play opposite the Top Gun: Maverick star the moment they met.

"Well, we met each other on stage at the MTV Awards, and I automatically was like, 'Hmmm, his timing, his timing was so perfect," the Euphoria star says. "Then I saw Top Gun, and I thought he was really really good in it. And I was like, 'Let's get on a Zoom and see if he's interested.' And we started zooming and we hit it off and sent him the script."

She adds, "And that's the start of it all." 

Raymond Hall/GC Images

For Powell, the chemistry with Sweeney came easy.

"I think honestly if you're talking about somebody who's incredibly easy to have chemistry with, we really have the best time together and that's what like rom-coms are about," he told ET.

"It's like someone, who you know, doesn't take themselves too seriously," he added. "And when you have to strip down naked on the side of a cliff and act like a spider's, you know, coming out here, you know, there's no better person to go into the trenches."

"If you actually look at the scene, I start breaking down behind him," Sweeney said.

Fans will have a chance to experience all of the chemistry when Anyone But You hits theaters on Dec. 22.


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