'The Bachelor' Sneak Peek: Colton Confuses Cassie with a Confession During Fantasy Suite Week (Exclusive)

"I don't think I've ever been so confused about something this big."

Colton Underwood may have just hit a speed bump in his relationship with frontrunner Cassie.

In an exclusive sneak peek of Monday night's fantasy suite episode of The Bachelor, Colton tells Cassie that he didn't get her father's approval during their hometown date the week prior, despite getting a blessing for the two other remaining women, Tayshia and Hannah.

"I did ask him for a blessing at the end of this if we get there for an engagement and I didn't get his approval," he confesses.

"You didn't?" Cassie says, appearing shocked. "I didn't know he was not gonna... yeah. And you're OK with that?"

While Colton has maintained throughout the season that he wants a blessing from his future fiancee's dad before popping the question, he assures Cassie that it's not going to change anything between them.

"Him telling me that I don't have his blessing, it does not discourage me at all in us," he says. "And it will not change the way that I continue to feel about you."

"I'm just, like, soaking it in," she responds.

When she speaks to the cameras one-on-one, Cassie says that she "had no clue" that her dad wouldn't approve of the former NFL player.

"I had no idea that he asked and my dad said no. I had no clue," she says. "It's really important that my dad approves. I did not think he wouldn't. I don't get it!"

"And then it makes me, like, confused if he's the right person or if we just need more time," Cassie adds. "I don't think I've ever been so confused about something this big."

Fans of Colton and Cassie may not need to fret too much, as many viewers think the Bachelor star spoiled his own season over the weekend when he was spotted at the gym with actor Gregg Sulkin. Gregg is currently dating Cassie's sister, Michelle, a fact that leads fans to speculate that Cassie and Colton end up together.

While fans of the series are always curious about how the season will turn out, this week many are preoccupied with the long-promoted fence jump, where Colton leaps over a fence to escape production.

In a promo for Monday's episode, Colton says he's "done" as he storms off set and jumps over a fence, while Bachelor host Chris Harrison chases him.

Back in January, Colton told ET's Keltie Knight that the fence jump was "the most pivotal moment in the entire season."

"It's just hard for me to explain, because you can take it out of context," Underwood said at the time. "But the emotions that were involved with the fence jump were some of the rawest and most heightened emotions that I've felt throughout all of this."

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