'The Bachelorette' Finale: Charity Lawson Is Engaged!

Season 20 of the series had a happy ending.

Charity Lawson has found her perfect match! On Monday's season finale of The Bachelorette, the child and family therapist got engaged to Dotun Olubeko, a Brooklyn-based integrative medicine specialist.

The couple's engagement followed a difficult week for Charity, who sent home Aaron after he surprised her in Fiji, before having a hearting breaking split with her runner-up, Joey Graziadei.

However, all that was but a distant memory when Dotun arrived at the final rose ceremony of the season.

It's no surprise that Dotun was Charity's final choice. When ET spoke to the Bachelorette at the "Men Tell All" taping last month, she couldn't help but gush over her now-fiancé.

"Dotun is just someone that communicates to me when I'm with him [that] literally nothing else is going on. I think we're just so engulfed with each other," she said. "His conversations are something for me that's stimulating. I crave more. I want to know more. I think that's an important element, the way that we just kind of both can challenge each other, but also contribute to each other's growth, which is a beautiful thing."

Unlike Charity, her parents, David and Vickie Lawson, and her sister, Amiyaka Lawson, weren't totally sold on Dotun. Vickie expressed concern that Dotun reminded her of Charity's previous beaus, while Amiyaka pointed out that her sister exhibited more PDA with Joey.

"I still don't have the clarity that I personally want to have," Charity admitted after introducing Dotun to her family. "I'm really not OK."

The situation got more confusing for Charity when Vickie declined to weigh in on who she should pick, telling her daughter that she couldn't be the one to make that choice.

"I'm drained," Charity said. "I'm exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, everything."

The beginning of Charity and Dotun's final pre-proposal date was a happy moment, though, as he set up a sentimental treasure hunt for her.

"Dotun, he just makes me feel so special," Charity told the cameras as Dotun walked her through their time together. "... We are two individuals who are absolutely deserving of everything."

Even so, Charity admitted to Dotun that her heart was torn. The next day, though, Charity sent Joey home before welcoming a smiling Dotun to the final rose ceremony.

"You have been able to make me feel so incredibly special," Dotun told Charity. "... To receive that from a woman of your caliber, Charity, I don't think you'll ever understand what that means to me."

Charity thanked Dotun, before telling him that their date together in Oceanside "changed my life forever."

"When I looked in your eyes in that moment, I saw a man that respected me, that valued me, that adored me, a man that I could love forever," she said. "You have made me feel alive. You've made me believe in love again. You've made me feel so valued and so seen. I want a forever future with you... I don't have any doubts. I don't question it. I love you so much."

Dotun sighed a breath of relief, before getting down on one knee.

"You've shown me that a good thing can really just be a good thing. The love that we have is perfect," he said. "And so Ms. Charity Lawson, would you do me the honor of turning this fairytale into a reality? Ms. Charity Lawson, will you marry me?"

"A million times yes," she replied before handing out her final rose.

The engaged couple then joined host Jesse Palmer live on stage, and were glowing given their happy news.

"We are feeling over the moon, truly," Charity said of herself and her fiancé. "... Just to be free and be in public and live lives normally, this is everything."

Despite her initial reservations, Vickie told the studio audience that she was thrilled by her daughter's engagement.

"I'm happy. I'm very happy for them," she said. "I've seen the journey and I've gotten to know Dotun a little better, so I'm very happy."

As for how he feels about Charity now, Dotun said "there's no words," adding, "Love is just not enough of a word to described how I feel about."

"Right now we just want to continue having fun and building our relationship," Dotun said of himself and Charity, before she added that they'll exchange vows "sooner rather than later."

Before then, though, the network is sending the couple on a pre-honeymoon trip to Greece.