'The Bachelorette' Finale: Charity Sobs As She Breaks Up With Joey

The child and family therapist previously admitted to being in love with her final three men.

Charity Lawson's road to happily ever after is paved with heartbreak. That was never more true than during Monday's season finale of The Bachelorette when the child and family therapist tearfully ended things with Joey Graziadei.

The week started out well for the pair, as Charity welcomed both Joey and Dotun Olubeko into her final two, after sending Aaron Bryant home following his surprise arrival in Fiji.

"I think she is thinking about choosing me as the person she wants to be with," Joey said in a confessional. "I feel those feelings from the conversations we have and I have confidence in it."

Joey then joined Charity to meet her parents, David and Vickie Lawson, and sister, Amiyaka Lawson, introductions which went well.

"I think Joey could be the one," Vickie told the cameras.

The duo's final date followed. They popped champagne and Charity marveled over feeling as if Joey was made for her. Joey kept the swoon factor going by having their poem from New Orleans framed and giving it to Charity.

"I can't envision myself walking away from it," Charity told the cameras of her relationship with Joey. He agreed, stating in a confessional, "I'm going to propose to Charity. I have no doubts about that."

When it ultimately came time for Charity to make her decision, though, she realized it wouldn't be Joey for her in the end. Joey delivered a romantic speech and began to drop to one knee, but Charity stopped him before he could.

"It's rare and people search their whole lives searching for something like this... You've been very consistent in the love that you've shown and those things I've never experienced before. I've never questioned how deep our love is. I know it's there and I feel it," she said. "But as crazy as it sounds I've found love that's deeper with someone else."

"It won't make sense in this moment and it's hard, it's hard to get these words out because the truth is Joey, I'm in love with you," she continued. "We've reminded each other that we're deserving of how much love we both need and want. "

As Charity sobbed, Joey offered her a hug and told her that "it's OK."

"My love for you is truly never going to go away. I want your happiness," she assured him. "I truly don't want to think about the fact that our love is going to end today. I'm truly broken."

The pair hugged again, with Joey comforting Charity the whole time.

"I will always have love for you, Charity," Joey told her, with her responding, "I will always have it for you."

In the car, as he was driven away, Joey lamented that he had "zero doubt" that he was going to be walking away with Charity.

"I want love bad," he said. "... I just want to ask the universe, 'When is it going to happen for me?'"

In the live portion of the finale, Joey said his emotions were "raw" watching the breakup back.

"I never thought I'd get to the point of getting ready to get engaged to someone and worry about it not being me," he said. "... It's tough to see. I wouldn't wish that on anyone."

When Charity joined Joey on the live stage, he told the Bachelorette that he wanted to shower her with gratitude and share "how I appreciative I am of everything."

"A lot of emotions kind of came up with that," Charity admitted of watching the breakup. "... I was extremely emotional, not an easy decision by any means... I can't thank you enough for just showing me so much and helping me grow."

Joey responded in kind, revealing that he still has love for Charity and always will, even if they aren't in love anymore.

"I wish you and whatever happens next," Joey told Charity, hinting at a potential engagement to Dotun, "nothing but the best, truthfully."

Joey needn't fret about when his chance at love will come, as the tennis pro was announced as the season 28 Bachelor lead at the conclusion of Monday's episode.