The Best Small Lamps for Kitchen Counters, Dining Rooms and Living Rooms

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Best Small Lamps 2023

Whether you're an avid follower of the latest in home decor or simply scrolling through TikTok in your downtime, you might have noticed the rising popularity of small, tabletop lamps. Influencers are using them to warm up their decor by placing them as kitchen counter lamps, while the NYT has written about their recent appearance in restaurants around the Big Apple.

These sleek, thin lights bring coziness and ambiance to a room. And the viral lighting can transform your space too. For dark corners of your place, like under kitchen cabinets, they provide some much-needed brightness. On movie night when all the lights are out in your living room, they provide just the right amount of light so you're not in the pitch black dark and many come with dimmable features to adjust the brightness as needed. And the majority of these tiny tabletop lamps are battery-powered or charged via USB, meaning you don't have to deal with unsightly cords to set your space aglow.

We had the bright idea of searching high and low to put a spotlight on the most stylish and trendy table lamps around the web. Below, check out ET's top small TikTok-approved tabletop lighting picks that will illuminate your life.

These are the lamps popping up all over New York City restaurants, according to this NYT article. The viral lamps are offered in five different colors.


With a minimalist design, this cordless table lamp will elevate the look in any room. Put it on your desk to provide light when reading to reduce eye strain.


Offered in a set of two, these modern chocolatey lamps would look great on a pair of nightstands on each side of the bed. They'd also work on accent tables flanking the couch.


Prefer a more vintage style? These battery-operated lamps that softly diffuse the light come in pack of two.


Mimicking the effects of candlelight, this light is inspired by an old fashioned lantern. Easily recharge this upscale light with a USB cord. 


Taking us back to the '70s, this porcini-shaped lamp sure is groovy. Add some bohemian flare with this light that uses a touch sensor.


Switch the colors of this globe lamp with a remote from across the room. You can always go for the neutral white, but why not go for blue, purple or green light source when you're wanting some excitement? 


We love this lamp because of the flexible neck which allows you to shine the light wherever you need. You can even choose from white or black lamps.


Truly one of a kind, this looks like a smaller version of your typical desk lamp, but it actually folds up to neatly fit in a bag. You'll have lighting around the home and for your pictures while on the go.


Keep the lampshade look without the cloth covering using these cordless table lamps. You can choose from five different metallic tones before putting them in your cart. 


Already have the lamp, but want the convenience of turning it on with a remote? These color changing magic bulbs have you covered, plus they can light up your room during power outages if they've been charged beforehand.



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