The Beverly High Rye CEO Andrew Borenzweig Shares World Whiskey Day Must-Haves

Andrew Borenzweig
Courtesy of The Beverly High Rye

Cheers! World Whiskey Day is on Saturday, May 21, and to celebrate, Andrew Borenzweig launched his own brand of whiskey called The Beverly High Rye.

The wine and spirits expert spent years exploring the diverse landscape of American whiskey, from bourbon and rye to single malt, and was inspired to make his own line, influenced by his California roots. 

"I’m an L.A. native, and to me, Beverly Hills is the pinnacle of American high living, so I set out to create a whiskey that captures luxury," he explains. 

As for the taste: "The flavor profile is bold, unique and complex. You’ll get a rich mouthfeel of cinnamon, nutmeg brown sugar, candied pecans, caramel and toffee. It’s a blend of straight rye and straight bourbon and has aromatic notes of toasted oak, rye bread, coffee cake, and hint of lemon peel," he continues. 

The Beverly High Rye
Courtesy of The Beverly High Rye

To really get into the spirit, Borenzweig shared his essentials for throwing the ultimate World Whiskey Day party with ET. 

"An intimate whiskey tasting at the house, or a dinner pairing and tasting with a dozen or so friends is always fun. I also like when people can be creative, so hosting a mixology gathering, where everyone crafts their own cocktails is also a great time," the entrepreneur says. 

One cocktail he's loving at the moment: The Smoke over Beverly, available at Nobu Los Angeles, made with The Beverly High Rye, Momotaro Kuromitsu and Aztec Chocolate Bitters, smoked with maple wood and garnished with a Kuromitsu Brushed Orange Wheel.

Smoke over Beverly
Rebecca Peloquin Photography

To recreate the drink at home, Borenzweig believes high quality ice and a great collection of drinking glasses are both necessities. 

"Professionally made ice makes all the difference when you’re drinking whiskey on the rocks or in a cocktail. It allows you to experience the character and intent of your drink without excess dilution. I’m also a big fan of elegant glassware, especially fluted rocks glasses," he notes. 

If hosting a tasting is more your style, the whiskey connoisseur suggests taking it up a notch by making it a blind tasting. 

"You'll set up a flight of whiskeys side by side, neat and anonymous. Everyone will sample them one by one, take in the aroma, and how it tastes on their palate. At the end, everyone picks their winner. The goal is to dial in your senses and pick out the whiskey that works best for you and your palate. If a debate breaks out in the discussion to follow, that’s always fun too," he shares. 

As for food, the businessman recommends serving a mix of flavorful dishes that go perfectly with whiskey. 
"I love a good charcuterie spread with a variety of meats and cheeses. This way, you can pick different options, try them beside the whiskey, and see how they interact for you to find the best pairing for your palate. And with summertime approaching, and beautiful weather coming, you can never go wrong with grilling in my eyes." 
He adds, "For a touch of spice, Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies are a great dessert option. The cinnamon and cayenne pepper go well with the spice flavors in the whiskey. A toffee dessert will also bring out the sweeter side of the whiskey very nicely."

To set the full vibe, Borenzweig advises making a playlist filled with hit songs from your favorite bands. 

His personal picks: "I’ll be playing classics like 'Wild Horses' by The Rolling Stones and 'Ventura Highway' by America as well as newer classics from bands like Empire of the Sun and Arcade Fire."

The Beverly High Rye is a partnership between Beverly Spirits and Cedar Ridge Distillery. The brand also collaborated with mixologist and author Jeffrey Morgenthaler on a selection of signature cocktails.

The Beverly High Rye retails for $59.99 and can be shipped to 46 states on For each bottle sold, a tree will be planted by Trees for the Future



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