The 'Brady Bunch' Cast Shares Favorite Memories as They Reunite at the Iconic Home (Exclusive)

The TV siblings got together to celebrate HGTV's new project, 'A Very Brady Renovation.'

It's been over 40 years since The Brady Bunch ended, but the show still holds special memories for its cast. 

TV siblings Barry Williams (Greg), Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Christopher Knight (Peter), Eve Plumb (Jan), Mike Lookinland (Bobby) and Susan Olsen (Cindy) reunited for the first time in nearly 15 years on Thursday as HGTV started renovations on the iconic Brady Bunch home

The house, located in North Hollywood, was used as the exterior of the Brady home. The series, which ran from 1969 to 1974, shot scenes for the inside of the Brady home on a Burbank soundstage, but the house still holds a lot of memories for the cast. 

Purchased for just $61,000 in 1973, the home recently went back on the market for $1.885 million -- and McCormick was one of a few celebs who wanted to buy it. "I feel like no one could love it the way I could just because of the memories," she told ET. "When we would go upstairs on the show, we would all huddle... and so we'd like flirt up there, it was our own Brady time."

McCormick, who wrote about her fling with Williams in her 2008 memoir, ended up not purchasing the home. Neither did Lance Bass, who was open about his desire to turn it into a Brady shrine. The former *NSYNC member was outbid by HGTV, who -- with the help of Property Brothers' Jonathan and Drew Scott, Good Bones' Mina Starsiak and Karen E Laine, Restored by the Fords' Leanne and Steve Ford, Hidden Potentials' Jasmine Roth and Flea Market Flip's Lara Spencer -- is renovating it for their new series, A Very Brady Renovation. 

The network plans to add 2,000 square feet to the home's original footprint, and the new series will air in September 2019. Next year also marks 50 years since The Brady Bunch premiered, and understandably, the Brady kids were feeling a little nostalgic. 


Marcia getting hit with a football right before her big date with Doug Simpson will no doubt stick out in the mind of Brady fans as one of the show's most iconic moments, and it's still fresh in McCormick's mind. It's another scene that's her favorite, however. 

"I loved doing wherever we go with Florence [Henderson]," she said of the late Brady matriarch. "That was so much fun for me, and we had a great time." 

"I love the backyard scene in the very last episode when Tiger was chasing Fluffy the cat," Williams said of his favorite memory. "The cake fell into Mike's face... that, to me, set the tone for the whole show." 

Lookinland had another memory at the top of his mind. "When Bobby puts the entire box of laundry soap in the washing machine, mainly because I had to, like, strip basically naked to be in that scene, and I was horrified." 

"The worst one was the Shirley Temple one," Olsen said. "That was really embarrassing." 

"It would have been really cute when I was seven, but when I was 12, [I was] going, 'I feel so stupid,'" she confessed. 

As the Brady kids shared their favorite memories, they couldn't help but acknowledge they were missing a few of their own -- including Henderson, Robert Reed and Ann B. Davis. "They're all up there together, and I just think they're smiling down on us," McCormick shared. 

Watch Thursday's episode of ET for more on the Bradys and the HGTV renovation. Check your local listings here.