'The Masked Singer': The Unicorn Is Unmasked in Emotional Reveal -- Find Out Who Was Inside the Costume!

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The mystery of The Masked Singer will continue to unravel during week five of the competition on Wednesday night, as four of the remaining eight costumed contenders belt their hearts out and baffle viewers with their secret identities.

This week, Fox's hit reality singing competition is again giving fans a chance to play detective with new clues and more outlandish guesses from the show's celebrity panelists -- Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong.

Last week, we found out the secret identity of another one of the performers when The Poodle was unmasked and revealed to be comedian Margaret Cho, who seriously surprised the panel -- especially Jeong, who starred alongside Cho on his ABC sitcom, Dr. Ken.

Tonight, the fun kicks off at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, and you can watch along with ET as we keep you updated with all the best, weirdest and most baffling moments from the fifth heated week of the wild competition.

And The Unicorn Is...

6:58 PM:

After all the votes are tallied, The Unicorn comes in last. Robin Thicke guesses it's Gabby Douglas (what??), Jenny McCarthy guesses Lauren Conrad and Nicole Scherzinger gueses Denise Richards.

Meanwhile, Ken Jeong guesses Tori Spelling, which makes up for his embarrassing performance last week because it's TOTALLY Spelling!

"This, right now, performing in front of people, is my biggest fear in life," "I love singing with my kids and I wanted them to know that they could be whatever they wanted to be."

She also reveals that the typewriter she brought out belonged to her father, the late Aaron Spelling, who wrote scores of popular TV shows in his life.

(Also, we called it back when she first came on stage at the start of the season. Just throwin' that out there.)


The Lion Blows Away the Haters

6:54 PM:

The last time The Lion hit the stage, Scherzinger wasn't really impressed. That all changed this week with her amazing rendition of "California Dreamin'" that tears the roof off the theater.

A shocked Scherzinger admits that, now, she thinks The Lion is a pro, and Robin Thicke totally agrees.

However, The Lion's revealing item turns out to be  a single white scrunchie, and that's no help for anyone.

She says it's a "family heirloom" which leads the judges to guess that someone in her family "has hair."

That's where we are when it comes to figuring out her identity.

All the Judges Are Right About Which Is the Worst Guesser

6:41 PM:

This segment on which judge is the worst guesser is super correct, because each judge says someone else, and all of them are right. Because they are all terrible guessers.

And, quite frankly, it's my favorite part of the show.

The Alien Is 'Happy' and the Audience Is Too

6:36 PM:

The Alien belts out an incredible performance of "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, and the dynamic vocal performance surprises the judges a lot.

For the first time, The Alien really nails the singing aspect of the show, and it throws the judges into chaos.

As for revealing item, she brings out a police badge from Muncie, Indiana, and say she "swore to protect and serve."

If any clue has thrown the judges off the most, it has to be this freaking badge. However, it just goes to CONFIRM that it's LaToya Jackson!

She was part of the reality show Armed & Famous, which took place in Muncie and saw her (and other celebs) get deputized as actual cops.

So... that's that, then. It feels good to be right.

The Alien -- New Clues!

6:32 PM:

- "I spent my entire life under a microscope, poked and prodded."

- "Growing up, I always craved the simple life."

- Says, "That's hot," during a picnic scene.

- There's some more snake imagery.

Well, these clues don't really help much yet, but some investigation could reveal more.

The Unicorn Doesn't Care (About Dancing, Or Moving Really)

6:26 PM:

After peforming "I Love It" by Icona Pop (featuring Charli XCX), the judges share some love for her emotional growth before the show's "security" brings out The Unicorn's revealing item.

For her, it is a typewriter that she says has "created a lot of magic."

The clue about magic again throws the judges for a loop, but somehow gets McCarthy to guess that The Unicorn is someone who is crafty (for some reason) and therefore it could be Lauren Conrad.

Meanwhile, Scherzinger still guesses it's Denise Richards, but not for any real reason.

If it's Tori Spelling, the typewriter could be a reference to her books?

The Unicorn -- New Clues!

6:21 PM:

- "Performing in front of people has always been my biggest fear."

- Orange TV in the background.

- Camera pans across five little unicorns. (Tori Spelling has five kids. Just sayin'.)

- "I could do cartwheels, I'm so happy."

- "I'm proud of the hills I come from."

The Rabbit's Magic Kit Confuses Everyone

6:16 PM:

As a clue this week, the performers had to bring out physical items to show the panel. For The Rabbit, it's a magician's kit.

"It's another way I like to impress an audience," The Rabbit explains.

McCarthy guesses that he's too talented a singer for magic to be his real job, and guesses it's a hobby, while Ken just has a hilarious breakdown over not knowing who the person is before he suggests it's someone from New Kids on the Block, like Donnie Wahlberg.

Also, McCarthy guesses it could be Zac Brown, based on his country clues from the pre-taped package.

The Rabbit Is 'Poison'

6:12 PM:

The Rabbit turns to his R&B skills with a performance of Bell Biv DeVoe's "Poison," where he shows off his obvious dance skills.

The number wins over Nicole Scherzinger, who says he's her favorite performer on the show, and Ken Jeong jumps on board with effusive praise. Also, the choice in song and dance movies gets Jenny McCarthy back on the boy band train.

The Rabbit -- New Clues!

6:07 PM:

- "I've done Latin pop, then Country twang, y'all, and tonight I'm gonna try to confuse the panel again."

- "What can I say? I'm a trickster."

- "Chew on this: I'm about to bust out all the old-school moves. Just wait," The Rabbit says, apparently out the window of a fast food window, with a sign reading, "Brooklyn Pizza Available."

The Rabbit put on an over-the-top Southern accent, likely just to throw off guesses. We're not sure yet how any of these clues play into our guess as to who the Rabbit is, but time will tell.

Group Song!

6:05 PM:

So The Rabbit, The Lion, The Alien and The Unicorn form a "supergroup" during the first moments of the show, where they all sing in harmony. (For the most part... I'm looking at you, Unicorn.)

Also, since The Rabbit is someone from *NSYNC (we think) this group performance must be been a nice treat.

Everyone in the Audience Has Masks

6:02 PM:

Wait, has this been the case every week? Has everyone in the audience worn creepy Mardi Gras-meets-Eyes Wide Shut masks??

What's even weirder is how perfectly appropriate it is for this show.

New Clues Before the Show

6:00 PM:

A day before the episode kicked off, Fox released a YouTube exclusive video giving extra bonus clues for each of tonight's masked singers. The Rabbit is standing on a basketball (possibly a reference to when *NSYNC faced off against Backstreet Boys), the Unicorn opens a book with the title blurred, and then plays a piano with a raven sitting on it (Tori Spelling is a published author and Tori means "bird" in Japanese), The Alien is holding a crystal ball (LaToya Jackson was famously a spokesperson for the Psychic Friends Network) and The Lion is working on an empty wine rack (Rumer Willis has famously been sober for several years).

Who's Facing Off Tonight

5:59 PM:

The competition has been whittled down to just eight clandestine contestants, and tonight we're gonna see The Rabbit, The Unicorn, The Alien and The Lion sing their hearts to win over the audience and keep their secret identities hidden just a bit longer.

For those playing along at home, here's who we think are under the masks, based on the clue packages from previous weeks:

The Rabbit could be either Joey Fatone or J.C Chasez, The Unicorn is almost certainly Tori Spelling (despite a few misdirects thrown out along the way), The Alien is likely LaToya Jackson, and we're pretty sure The Lion is Rumer Willis (although she's flatout denied it, but how else would she answer questions about something she can't contractually talk about?).

For more on Fox's wildly weird and wonderfully over-the-top new reality series, check out the video below!


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